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Raptors Media Day 2012-2013 - Get your questions in!

With Raptors Media Day almost upon us, Raptors HQ will be heading to the ACC to discuss items with players. Kinnon Yee will be making his fourth trek down and outlines how you can get involved with questions!

Kinnon Yee (Raptors HQ)

Media Day is upon us and is ultimately my time to leave the hibernation of summer and enter into the new NBA season. This will be the fourth Raptors Media Day I've attended in four years and it never ceases to be exciting. It's unofficially when we begin a new year here at the HQ.

Like all years, Media Day is a time for optimism. The coaches are all there with the players, Bryan Colangelo regales us with talks about his hopes for this year's crop of kids, and frankly it's another year where we buy into what the Raptors are telling us.

The message is usually strong, but we aim to dig deeper. For example, it was with the HQ last year that Linas Kleiza indicated his new diet and health plans over the summer, which lead to his drop in weight. As a result, we saw a very active and svelte Kleiza later in the year when he hit the floor.

Media Day is also a great opportunity for us to have some of the Raptors HQ crew break into the interview environment at the ACC. In my first year with the HQ, I was asked to step it up and talk to guys like Chris Bosh and Jarret Jack and have my hand in the scrums. This year, Sasha Karla will be doing his first interviews and we're looking to break him in to the scrums just like before.

As is often the case with Media Days, we're very careful at the HQ not to just give you the same interviews that all the other news media will give you (ie, Coach Casey's plans from a different angle). We want to give you guys some quick guerrilla-style interviews with lots of the people who may not get all the attention. We try to hit up the players after the scrums for a little one-on-one time so their personalities can shine through.

So, we'd like to ask you guys to come up with some questions that we can ask the staff or players on Monday. This is your opportunity to give us some feedback on what you'd like to hear from this year's Media Day. Please post in the comments below what you'd like to hear us ask the players and we'll see if we can make it happen

Please remember that we would be asking your question so if it's a question that's insulting in any way, there's no chance it's going to be asked.