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Discuss: Amar'e Says The Division Is Wide Open

We can turn any quote into a conversation.

Spotted In Atlanta: A "We The South" Sign

Swagger jacking!

Discuss: Jonas Valanciunas So Far This Season

Discuss away!

How Often Have Raptors Been 10 Games Over .500?

Short answer: not too many days. Precise answer: see below.

Cavs Official Responds To Raptors Fans

Let's start a rivalry with Cleveland, because why not!



Charles Barkley Can Pronounce Jonas Valanciunas

We went to TNT's Inside The NBA media event today, and had a chance to ask Chuck about a few Raptors related topics, including Drake's jump shot.

Dwane Casey Crunches Some Numbers

Coach Casey chats with's statistics expert John Schuhmann about areas in which the Raptors stand to improve offensively and defensively, and explains how he plans on doing so.

Raptors Waive Cherry and Hamilton, Roster at 15

The final roster spot goes to Greg Stiemsma as the Raptors get set to start the season on Wednesday against the Atlanta Hawks.

2014-2015 NBA GM Survey

The annual GM survey was released yesterday. Find out if the Raptors got mentioned at all.

Jordan Hamilton Throws Shade At LeBron

Please leave the King alone. This usually doesn't end well.

Raptors Exercise Fourth Year Option On Two Players

Both Valanciunas and Ross will be eligible to sign an extension with the team next year, or potentially hit restricted free agency after their fourth season

Timelapse: The ACC Goes From A Rink To A Court

Also, the 3D logo is gone, so say goodbye to optical illusions on your television.

Happy 14th Anniversary to The Dunk of Death

It's been 14 years since Vince Carter jumped over Frederic Weis at the 2000 Olympics. Nope, still not sick of watching this dunk.

Podcast: Discussing The History of Raptors Trades

A trip down memory lane, remembering the important trades in Raptors history.

Tim Leiweke's Departure And Why It Matters

The current President and CEO of MLSE is leaving next year. What does this mean for the Raptors?

Tim Leiweke Denies Reports He's Leaving MLSE

There were rumblings that Leiweke may be leaving MLSE, but he's since come out and denied those reports.

Good Morning & Hello: A New Beginning at RaptorsHQ

An introduction from the new site managers.

What If The Raptors Wore Soccer Style Jerseys

Given the global popularity of both soccer and basketball, it feels only natural that we'd finally see it: the mash-up basketball as soccer jersey.

Some AMA Questions We Would Have Asked Bruno

A look at some questions we would have asked Bruno Caboclo for his Reddit AMA

Help Wanted: Join the RaptorsHQ Team!

We're staffing up in preparation for next season and we want YOU!

Raptors come out flat, get crushed by Nets 97-83

Toronto came out flat once again, losing to the Nets 97-83 to set up Game 7 on Sunday.

HQ Promotion: Steven Lebron Volume 1 Now Available

Sign Up for RaptorsRepublic's 3-on-3 Tourney!

Don't worry about the snow and ice, sign up for Raptors Republic's indoor 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament!

Raptors Ready to Get Season Underway

At long last, the preseason is over. It's time for the Raptors to answer questions on the court.

RaptorsHQ Liveblog Moderators Wanted!

Apply within...

Raptors' Fans Night Out With Raptors Republic

Looking to take in a game next season with a whole crew of crazy Raptors fans? Raptors Republic has the deal for you...

Updates to RaptorsHQ Layout on the Way

In response to feedback received by SB Nation community members and site editors, we are preparing to roll out a revised home page layout across SB Nation sites.

The Toronto Raptors Drinking Game

It might be another long season for Raptors' fans. Introducing, the Toronto Raptors drinking game!

DeRozan's Contract - Maybe BC Knew All Along?

Sure it's a small sample size but DeMar DeRozan appears to be silencing his critics so far. The HQ's Brandon Graham wonders if BC knew this was coming all along...

Casey, DeRozan Disagree with 33-Win Prediction

Every year ESPN's John Hollinger projects wins for each team in the NBA. This year, his 33-win projection for the Toronto Raptors wasn't too well received by those on the team. But, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Calderon faces toughest test yet

RaptorsHQ's Brandon Graham takes a look at what could be a very interesting point guard situation this season for Toronto.


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