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SIAKAM GONE: Raptors make deal to send Siakam to the Indiana Pacers

It’s happening — Pascal Siakam is heading to the Indiana Pacers in a deal that brings Toronto a lot of draft stock.

It’s a sad day to be a Toronto Raptors fan.

The last piece of the 2019 Championship core is officially gone, as the Raptors finalize a trade to send Pascal Siakam to the Indiana Pacers in a three-team deal with the New Orleans Pelicans.

In return for Siakam, Toronto will receive Bruce Brown, Jordan Nwora, and three first-round picks from Indiana. From New Orleans the Raptors receive Kira Lewis, and they will also send a second-round pick to the Pacers.

Out of the three first-round picks the Pacers are sending to the Raptors, two are for 2024. One of those 2024 picks is Indiana’s, while the other will be the lesser of a pick from Utah, Houston or Oklahoma City. The last pick is for 2026.

Last night, it was reported that a deal between Indiana and Toronto was in the works, with the Raptors looking to move the two-time All-Star and NBA Champion before the deadline.

With Siakam’s contract set to expire after this season, there seemed to not be enough confidence that he would sign in free agency with Toronto AND no progress for him to sign an extension. Obviously there seemed to be a lot going unsaid about the situation between the Raptors and Siakam, but it is an odd ending to the tenure of one of the greatest Raptors of all time.

He now goes to play along Tyrese Haliburton and the up and coming Indiana Pacers.

Toronto on the other hand, after calling the 2024 draft “weak” after the Jakob Poeltl trade, could now have three first round picks in said draft.

With another two weeks remaining until the NBA Trade Deadline, this begs the question... are the Raptors done?

Many say Bruce Brown could bring some great return to the team if they decide to trade him. The Raptors could also flip those first round picks to another team to try and get another prospect.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see them make yet another move, or at least think about it. Toronto is really the only team to have made any big moves in this trade season and with a few more weeks to test the market, they could jump on another deal.

Until then, we are just gonna go look at 2019 Championship run pictures and cry a little...