Pascal Siakam is Likely to be Acquired by the Suns

Bookmakers have released their latest odds on which team is likely to land Toronto Raptors' small forward Pascal Siakam, a two-time All-Star with a $136 million contract. The Phoenix Suns are among the top contenders on the list. Siakam has one year left on his contract and will earn $37.9 million in 2023-24. He had an impressive performance this season, averaging 24.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 5.8 assists per game with a 48.0% shooting percentage from the field.

The Raptors could potentially undergo a rebuild this offseason following their disappointing season, winning only 41 games and not making the playoffs. As a result, Siakam could become available on the trade market, and the Suns, who have an aggressive general manager in James Jones, could pursue him. The fact that Kevin Durant is reportedly a fan of Siakam could further compel the Suns to acquire him. There will be a general feeling that if Durant admires Siakam, there is potential for an explosive partnership. If recent rumors are anything to go by, the Raptors forward could be joining Durant.

According to reports, Kevin Durant is a fan of Pascal Siakam, which led the Brooklyn Nets to attempt to trade for Siakam to please Durant. However, the Raptors were not interested in parting ways with Siakam at the time. Despite their failed attempt to acquire Siakam, the Nets still granted Durant's trade request, resulting in his move to the Suns. Durant's fit has been outstanding in Phoenix, and the Suns have only lost one game since his arrival. Check out some of the popular betting sites to bet on all playoffs, including the best sites to bet on MLB, which has become hugely massive in Ontario and other parts of Canada.

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) rules, the Phoenix Suns could potentially trade Deandre Ayton to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Pascal Siakam. Ayton had tried to leave the Suns last offseason by signing an offer sheet with the Indiana Pacers, but the Suns matched the offer. Sources have also reported that Ayton and head coach Monty Williams do not have the best player-coach relationship.

Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley wrote an article stating that when it comes to talent, Kevin Durant and Devin Booker stand out on the Phoenix Suns' roster and could be considered among the best players in the league. Although the Suns could potentially trade Chris Paul or Deandre Ayton, Buckley believes it's unlikely, as both players are vital to the team's success. However, he notes that if Paul struggles to score consistently or Ayton has injury issues again, it could change the situation. In such a scenario, the Suns might have to make significant changes to the roster, but not ones that involve trading Booker or Durant.