I know what you should do this summer

JD Quirante of Raptors HQ wrote "When it comes to experienced players, why is it so difficult to find pieces that fit the current core, or better yet, why is it so difficult to bring in talent in general?" Because you don't pass the ball to them, you don't call plays for them. You dribble away most of the shot clock most of the time by one or two players instead of getting all five involved to create something within this time. You were either too patient or selfish or ironically too impatient to play the right way according to an offense game plan, or there isn't one. I always like to go back to one of the most maligned Raptor's free agent signing Hedo Turkoglu - when asked what's the problem? He answered "the ball, give me the ball!" Hedo was a prolific shooter who took the Magic to the finals. If he does not get the ball, he can't do nothing. Since the time of Lou Williams and assistant coach Bill Bayno, there has never been another year when there was a visible semblance of an offense strategy.

Another thing we must avoid is to put Masai and Bobby always together as one word as if they are Siamese twins. They are not. One could be a good influence while the other one bad on decisions. They should be evaluated separately and if only one of them should be kept, let it be so. The MPE Board is the the one that has all the information to evaluate this objectively. And they should.

During the time of Nick Nurse, there was incongruence between the defined titles and real roles of his assistant coaches. For example, on paper, Adrian Griffin was the lead assistant coach, however you could see that the one who really whispered into Nurse's ear all the time was Nate Bjorkgren. I am not saying that Bjorkgren is not a good bench strategist in fact I think he is. What I am saying is they should make him the lead assistant if that were the case. Ambiguity between roles and titles is always not good.

About Gary Trent Jr. This is what should happen between Gary Trent Jr and Masai. From Gary's side, he postpones his opting out of his contract this summer, betting on himself that his woes were directly related to Vanvleet not passing the ball to him on time and in shooting rhythm. On Masai's side, move on from Vanvleet, he signs and trade Vanvleet to salvage something (maybe Vanvleet to Lakers getting back Austin Reeves. Why not? Fred is with Klutch Sports) and at the same time gets someone unselfish to be the new court general, maybe Barnes and Siakam alternating to play point guard? Maybe draft a Casson Wallace to play point guard coming off the bench as an understudy? Look for a hidden Josh Hart type of difference maker (yes he is good but now he's been discovered and won't be available anymore), maybe look to trade for a Davion Mitchell type of player to play point guard?

Finally, us fans. We should not try to save money for Maple Leafs Entertainment. All Toronto teams are already very good in penny pinching and being on the side of cheap skates than spend thrift.