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TRADE NEWS: Raptors trade Anunoby, Flynn and Achiuwa to Knicks

Toronto Raptors make blockbuster trade as 2023 comes down to the wire.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors have shocked the NBA by making a trade over a month before the NBA Trade Deadline.

According to ESPN, Toronto is trading O.G. Anunoby, Precious Achiuwa, and Malachi Flynn to the New York Knicks in exchange for Canadian RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley and a 2024 second round draft pick.

The Raptors drafted OG Anunoby in 2017 and he has become an absolute defensive powerhouse in his time in the NBA.

He is widely expected to turn down his player option come the 2024 offseason and will be an unrestricted free agent. With his expiring contract along with Pascal Siakam’s expiring contract, a trade was imminent.

This move answers a few questions but opens a whole new bank of questions.

First of all, the timing leads some (me included) to think that a Pascal Siakam extension announcement may be coming. There is a stipulation to Siakam’s contract that has to do with his bird rights that comes into effect after Dec. 30th, and so the timing may be leading to an extension announcement.

Does moving on from Anunoby mean that the Raptors are going all in on the Siakam and Scottie Barnes experience? That may be the case, or we are truly in a full rebuild.

Heading to the Big Apple with OG are Precious Achiuwa and Malachi Flynn. Two bench players who have been inconsistent over the past few seasons but do have some upside.

In return, the Raptors are acquiring Immanuel Quickley, RJ Barrett, and a 2024 second round draft pick.

From first impressions around the internet, Quickley seems to be promising point guard — something the Raptors have been desperate for. He seems to be the cornerstone of the trade. In him the Raptors will get improved shooting ability — again needed.

RJ Barrett of Mississauga, Ontario was a high draft pick and has a lot of his contract leftover. Adding him to this deal seems to be combination of a few factors. First, he has promising talent as a forward — Canadians have seen that on the international basketball level.

Next, his hometown hero element will definitely make it fun to have him around. You can’t deny the Raptors need a vibes boost, and this seems to be it.

The singular second round pick is a little disappointing but when you think about how someone like Nikola Jokic was a second round pick, maybe someone great could come out of it.

More to come on this situation, but what are you initial thoughts on this deal? Let us know!