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Toronto Raptors fall to the Brooklyn Nets

That’s A Rap #203: To trade or not to trade

That is the question! Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of Raptors Twitter.

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

It’s funny what a visit from the NBA’s worst team can do for your team’s self-confidence!

The Charlotte Hornets could not have arrived at a better time for the Toronto Raptors. After getting their first win three games into a critical six-game homestand, Toronto desperately needed to keep the mojo going against Charlotte. And they did just that, sweeping both games against the lowly Hornets.

A win is a win, especially when you have as big of a hole as what the Raptors are trying to get out of. Toronto used an all-around performance to win on Tuesday, then played with their food a little before pulling away on Thursday.

So, the Raptors won’t bother making any deadline deals right? Right?!?

Jason and I dove into the fake trade ball pit and discussed the prospects of trading any of the starters. What could the return look like? Would a potential move save this season or improve Toronto’s future outlook?

In This Episode:

7:50 — Revisiting the Bucks game

A week has passed since the weirdest game of the season occurred between the Bucks and Raptors — it’s safe to admit that you switched channels or left the arena early!

11:20 — Achiuwa’s impact

New year, new bench? The Raptors rang in the new year with a much-needed return from Precious Achiuwa. He’s needed a few games to get back into the flow and is starting to make an impact. Achiuwa collected a career-high five steals against Charlotte and, more importantly, has elevated the play of the bench.

19:40 — Who’s the most tradeable Raptor?

There, we asked it. Get used to Toronto Raptors popping up in every single trade rumour. None of the teams below them in the standings — the presumed “tankers” — don’t have nearly the kind of talent that Toronto has. Naturally, every playoff contender with championship aspirations will be circling the Raptors' roster like a pack of vultures.

44:05 — Around the NBA

Is Miami’s new arena name, ahem, The Arena, actually a really good name? Jayson Tatum’s leaked photos of his debut signature sneaker confirms one thing: he should stick to basketball!

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