10 Best Fantasy Basketball Blogs and Websites

There are numerous fantasy basketball sites, and knowing which one is best to join isn't easy. Because there are tons of them, for a new player, it can be hard to decide which to choose as most of these sites are similar.

Some fantasy websites offer free leagues while others don't; some allow players to customize the club to their preferred format or standard, while others provide only standard companies.

For basketball enthusiasts or even sports fans, playing daily fantasy is something they love. States offer it as a legal form of betting, and fans seek to bet on Canadian basketball in today's game.

It's fantastic that you join a fantasy basketball league that suits you best to match your preferences. Reading further is a list of the best basketball fantasy sites you can enter to maximize your winnings.

If you love to join the official and basic fantasy basketball format, is a good choice. is the official site for the NBA - National Basketball Association. They give more detailed information than any other fantasy basketball site or any nba sites out there.

They don't give cheat sheets because they assume you're a hardcore basketball fan; you need to create your cheat sheets.


Dunkest is a fantasy basketball app with an amiably new design and has plenty of new game modes, and it's probably different from most fantasy basketball apps.

In Dunkest, you can play two game modes; the first mode is the classic mode; you 10 need virtual credits to select ten players and a coach. The teams have non-exclusive rosters.

Moreover, users can join leagues or even create their basketball teams. In draft mode, you can create your fantasy team.

ESPN Fantasy Basketball

The ESPN fantasy league is for you if you need a fantasy league with accurate and regular live scoring. ESPN Fantasy Basketball gives live scoring directly from their website. You can stay up to date with play more quickly, without disruption.

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball

Yahoo Fantasy basket is amongst the most popular. It's the first Basketball Fantasy app. It offers players both public and private leagues with video and instant replay. Yahoo Fantasy basketball offers players both public and private leagues, with video and instant replays. You can also enjoy daily fantasy games.

FanDuel and DraftKings

FanDuel and DraftKings offer their players short term fantasy sports; In FanDuel and DraftKings Fantasy, players get to avoid being stuck with bad teams all season and bad players. Fantasy players of FanDuel and DraftKings are allowed daily and weekly fantasy pools.

Users can create multiple matches in a day, which gives them the option of different fantasy lineups. FanDuel and DraftKings are free, and users are offered cash prize payouts.

Rotoworld has different game formats; you can play daily fantasy, weekly or full-season fantasy games. You can select the number of players for each team roster. Rotoworld offers custom leagues to its users. If you don't enjoy standard format fantasy basketball, you'll love However, Rotoworld isn't free.

CBS Fantasy Basketball

CBS Fantasy Basketball is an excellent basketball fantasy website that offers live and mock drafts, even more, season projections, player news, and help in drafting. The gameplay is fantastic and easy. Although new users can find it hard to catch up, they can understand the game's gameplay with time, especially if they are keen on draft mode.


It all depends on your preference and choice of gameplay when selecting a good fantasy basketball site to join. Also, affordability is another factor; while some are paid, some are free. But listed above are some of the best fantasy basketball sites fans often join.

Hardcore basketball fans often enjoy playing on Yahoo Sports; most Canadians play Yahoo Fantasy Basketball.