Where is Toronto in way-too-early NBA title odds

The NBA season is over and the draft is in the books. Summer League, free agency, and the laziness of August before ramping up for training camp in a few months. The next NBA title won’t be decided for at least a calendar year.

…But the markets are open for early betting odds.

So if you want to try and beat the market before free agency and the usual offseason craziness hits, here are five bets to consider right now for the 2023 market. Check out the latest NBA betting odds and see where the Raptors are in line for next year's title chances.

A butterfly flaps its wings, and the latest NBA star decides it’s time for him to join the never-ending parade of stars that want to play for the Lakers. Friendships fracture, and super teams break up. Ownership decides to cut costs because of the economy, and suddenly All-Stars are on the block for a discount. Those moves don’t just impact those teams and the new teams they create but also the competition in-division and in-conference for those teams.

The Raptors are middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference at +6000 odds which is 16th overall.

What do you make of the favorites?

The Warriors are a logical favorite after winning. Steph Curry hasn't lost a step and it's reasonable to think Klay Thompson improves with a normal offseason for the first time in three years. On top of that, the emergence of Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins gave the Warriors some younger blood. Plus, James Wiseman, the No. 2 overall pick in 2020, was hurt for most of the season and missed the playoffs, and two lottery picks — Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody — could give the Warriors more depth.

It's a relatively wide-open field with the Warriors only at +550 as the favorite. Brooklyn and the LA Clippers being +700 just behind Boston is interesting because that would require big leaps from those teams. Getting Kawhi Leonard back obviously makes the Clippers much better, but the Nets have a lot to prove after getting swept by Boston. Can Ben Simmons be the difference?