Which NBA Teams Are The Divisional Conference Favorites For 22/23?

With the latest NBA season underway, talk is turning, as usual, to who looks set to triumph in the divisional conferences. As always, competition is fierce, and keen sports bettors will be watching every game with particular interest, hoping they can score a big win if their favored team wins out.

Whether or not you are of a gambling inclination, there can be no escaping the thrills and excitement provided by the clash of titans, as world-famous teams vie for victory.

But who looks set to reign supreme in each division this season? Let’s take a look, division by division.

The Atlantic Division

Currently, the NBA’s Atlantic Division is probably one of the most closely fought races of all – as all you Raptors fans surely already know!

The Boston Celtics are odds-on favourites for the time being, though of course, it’s not a cert that the Celtics will snatch the victory in 22/23, as they have had some disruption to deal with. Most nootably, the suspension of their head coach, Ime Udoka, has meant that interim coach, Joe Mazzulla, has had to step in to fill the breach. It remains to be seen whether he can steer them through and help the Celtics maintain their pole position.

Meanwhile, hot on their heels are the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers, making it a fiercely contested battle for supremacy.

The Philadelphia 76ers are followed, of course, by none other than the Toronto Raptors, who have a raft of eye-catching talent to look out for in their games this season. Though they may be lagging a little behind in terms of odds, the Raptors are undoubtedly a team to watch out for. Perhaps next season their odds of winning will be even more favorable.

Even if you don’t fancy them for the division, many casinos offer the option for live betting with a wide range of markets, allowing you can back the Raptors game to game instead.

The Central Division

While the Central Division has a number of good teams, the first name on everyone’s lips is the Milwaukee Bucks, which some would say are in a league of their own this season. However, there are some other interesting teams to watch – in particular, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and their recent star acquisition, Donovan Mitchell.

The Northwest Division

The richly talented Denver Nuggets are in prime position to sweep the Northwest Division this season, with the likes of Murray, Porter Jr. and potential 3rd-time MVP, Jokic making them the team to beat. That said, the Minnesota Timberwolves are another one to watch, with Gobert and Towns lending them some extra star power.

The Pacific Division

The Pacific Division is perhaps the hardest to bet on this season as the contest is so closely fought between the Golden State Warriors, the LA Clippers, and the Phoenix Suns. Only time will tell who takes the victory.

The Southeast Division

This division has been classed as very much a two-horse race in 22/23, with the ‘horses’ in question being Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks.

The Southwest Division

Last but not least, in the southwest, the Memphis Grizzlies seem poised for success but hot on their heels in the rankings are the Dallas Mavericks, and the New Orleans Pelicans are putting in a stellar performance too, so they are definitely not a team to rule out.