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That’s A Rap #168: Discussing All-Stars and Rising Stars

Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam were not named as All-Stars (yet). Trae Young and Andrew Wiggins were. How do we feel about those fringe selections?

Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The votes are in! Magical turnaround seasons for a pair of veterans with ties to Toronto are surprise All-Stars!

DeMar DeRozan has never looked better. His mid-range game is as lethal as ever. He rounded out his game in San Antonio and has become quite the playmaker. A few buzzer-beaters surely don’t hurt his All-Star resume.

In the West, Andrew Wiggins continued his rebirth in the Bay Area with his first All-Star selection. To say it’s a surprise would be an understatement. He’s had an outstanding season, thus far, with one of the league’s best teams. But does he deserve a spot over Rudy Gobert or his own teammate, Draymond Green?

We talked about all things All-Star in the latest episode of That’s A Rap. Make sure to leave your comments below.

In This Episode:

7:05 — East All-Stars

The Durant-Embiid-Antokounmpo triumvirate is the least surprising outcome of the All-Star announcements. In fact, they were the same three names on every single media voter’s ballot. DeMar DeRozan's inclusion is also not a surprise — but probably one if you predicted that before the season. Trae Young though. Hmmmmm.

15:56 — West All-Stars

When Steve Nash retired, I thought the next Canadian All-Star would be Andrew Wiggins — joining Jamaal Magloire as the only Canadians to receive the honour. However, I did not expect it to happen like this! Not with the help of a Global Ambassador who actually uses his influence to help out the team!

31:23 — Freddie All-Star

If you’re still questioning whether or not Fred VanVleet is an All-Star, then you’ve visited the wrong site and/or listened to the wrong podcast. Not only is FVV deserving of a spot, but he should have been a starter. I will, however, save my anger for if (when?) Pascal Siakam doesn’t get selected.

40:11 — Rising/Clutch All-Stars

What’s an NBA All-Star Weekend without a format change! I may be in the minority who will miss H.O.R.S.E. (and Mike Conley’s dominance), but the new changes to the Rising Stars Challenge have certainly piqued my interest. The additional shine being given to a few G League Ignite players is also a welcome addition. As for the Clutch Challenge? We were quite skeptical.