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Capital City GoGo v Raptors 905

Dial 905: Short-handed Raptors 905’s three-game winning streak snapped by Capital City Go Go

The 905’s first loss of the season looked familiar: poor perimeter shooting, lack of shot creation, and a porous defense.

Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

There was no a miracle comeback this time.

The Capital City Go Go used hot perimeter shooting in the second half to hand the Raptors 905 their first loss of the regular season last night, 113-104.

The short-handed 905 had a listless second-half on both ends of the court. With his 16 points, 13 rebounds, and three steals, Kevon Harris was the best Raptor on the floor. Ashton Hagans made his regular-season debut, chipping in 16 points and three assists. Toronto Raptors legend and NBA Champion Jodie Meeks came off the bench with 16 points, including three 3PM.


Raptors 905: Kevon Harris, Ashton Hagans, Aaron Best, Isaac Bonga (NBA), Reggie Perry

Capital City Go Go: Jordan Schakel, Isaiah Todd (NBA), Jaime Echenique, Jordan Goodwin, Joel Ayayi (2W)


Raptors 905: Isaac Bonga (NBA), David Johnson (2W)

Capital City Go Go: Isaiah Todd (NBA), Joel Ayayi (2W)

The Capital City Go Gos made the Raptors 905 pay inside and out. Jaime Echanique led all scorers with 18 points and 11 rebounds. In comparison, another Raptors legend Greg Monroe pounded and dissected the Raptors 905 with 15 points, 15 rebounds, five assists and two blocked shots. Jordan Schakel led the perimeter onslaught, making five three-pointers in the second half, and finishing the game with 17 points.

A little bit of confusion happened at the start of the game. David Johnson was announced to make his regular-season debut. Still, an apparent delay regarding testing protocols held him out of the first half. Aaron Best started in his place, and the Raptors 905 looked good early, racing to an early 14-8 lead. Jodie Meeks checked in the game with around three minutes left in the first period, and he promptly made his first shot — a catch-and-shoot three-pointer, giving the Raptors 905 a 25-16 lead. However, Greg Monroe rallied the Go Gos to an 8-0 run to close the quarter with the Raptors 905 lead down to 28-26.

Monroe’s presence proved to be a problem for the Raptors 905, with the Go Gos playing through his gravity. He had a solid five rebounds and four assists, dissecting the Raptors 905’s scrambling defense, helping the Go Gos take a 43-35 lead. The Raptors 905 took advantage of Monroe’s absence and went on an 18-4 run to take a 51-47 lead, and Obadiah Noel’s acrobatic layup got them a 55-53 lead at the half.

Some bad news for the Raptors 905: they announced that Isaac Bonga was done for the night after turning his ankle late in the first quarter. Luckily, David Johnson cleared the protocols and got the start in the second half. He made a quick impression with a really fancy move:

Unfortunately, Johnson would look rusty for most of the game and failed to impact the second half, finishing with 10 points in 10 attempts. The Raptors 905 had a six-point lead early in the third quarter until the Go Gos caught fire from behind the arc and went on an 18-6 run. The Raptors 905 would put up a bit of a fight and take a 75-74 lead late in the third period but failed to take the momentum back. If anything, Reggie Perry getting owned by Monroe in multiple possessions took the air out of their run.

The fourth quarter was not necessarily about what the Go Go did — it’s more about what the Raptors 905 couldn’t do, which was put the ball in the basket. The Go Go just did enough to keep the Raptors 905 at bay, as coach Mutombo’s boys couldn’t get anything going in the half-court set. The Raptors 905 tried to rally, but they could not put good consecutive possessions at all.

The game was over when: With around 90 seconds to go, Reggie Perry tried to ISO against Greg Monroe. “Fleet-footed” Monroe denied Perry any ground and forced a horrible shot. Monroe smoothly caught the ball on the very next play, cutting to the basket for a layup.


Up Next: The ‘Sauga boys are in action this weekend as they host a back-to-back series against the defending champion Lakeland Magic.

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