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That’s A Rap #153: Hello Scottie, Goodbye Ben

While athletes typically use The Players Tribune to say goodbye, Scottie Barnes said hello to Toronto and cemented himself as a fan favourite.

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2021 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Masai Ujiri is a man of his word. He orchestrated a plethora of moves and managed the team’s salary cap to enter the summer of 2021 with a chance to sign Antetokounmpo. Who knew he was actually talking about Alex Antetokounmpo? Rumours have Giannis’ youngest brother joining the Toronto Raptors as the team’s latest free agent signing!

Speaking of offseason work, well, we had a brief hiatus from the podcast to enjoy the last days of summer — but we’re back and ready to kick-start our 4th NBA season discussing all things Raptors and the NBA in general.

In this episode, we talked about Scottie, we talked about Pascal, and somehow, Ben Simmons continues to get into our agenda.

In This Episode:

7:00 — What’s good, Toronto

Between his article in The Player’s Tribune, Eric Koreen’s in-depth profile in The Athletic, and his throwing out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game, Friday felt like Scottie Barnes Day in Toronto! He hasn’t played a single minute yet but Scottie has quickly become a fan favourite and a beacon of hope after a lost season in Tampa.

15:30 — Is Pascal “The Guy”?

Another Raptors-related article making headlines was the New York Times interview with Pascal Siakam. Spicy P responded to all the negative social media comments he received — specifically ones directed towards his late father — as well as whether or not he perceived himself as “the guy” last season.

23:00 — Simmons? We talking ‘bout Simmons?

Not the game. Not the game that the Raptors are out there dying for. Not the game! We talking ‘bout Ben Simmons. I promise this will be the last time we talk about him until he’s (eventually) traded.

34:29 — Post-summer check-in

Riddle me this: why the hiatus? Lack of Raptors news or busy with other non-basketball projects? All three of us run through what we’ve been up to this summer. Sure, there isn’t any basketball content discussed, but don’t you want to know Dre’s thoughts on this year’s TIFF lineup?