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That’s A Rap #151: Breaking down Toronto’s 2021-22 schedule

Masai isn’t going anywhere and neither are the Raptors. Ujiri has (finally) re-signed and all signs point to home games being played at Scotiabank Arena. Suffice to say, the boys were excited to record this week’s episode of That’s A Rap!

Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri holds a press conference to address his new title, vice-chairman, his new contract, his relationship with Kyle Lowry, and more Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

After 600 days away, your Toronto Raptors are expected to make their return to Scotiabank Arena this October.

Today’s schedule release meant more to the Raptors than any fanbase... like ever. While some teams fret over long road trips or the number of back-to-backs, the Raptors had to worry about where their home would be next season. Nothing is official yet, but the sight of “Scotiabank Arena” 41 times on the schedule was quite therapeutic.

Oh, and the G.R.E.A.T. — Greatest Raptor Executive of All-Time — re-signed and will be with Toronto for the foreseeable future. Good vibes all around as the boys and I break down the latest in this week’s episode of That’s A Rap!

In This Episode:

3:20 — Debating an age-old question

Team USA Basketball members were asked if hot dogs were sandwiches. Whether you agree with my answer or Jason/Dre, click that link and try not to smile at this wholesome and fun video.

6:38 — Breaking down the 2021-22 Raptors schedule

Will we see Goran Dragic in a Raptors or Mavericks uniform? How good can a Demar Derozan-led Chicago Bulls team perform? Over/under: 2.5 minutes into the Raptors/Magic game before we’re all sick of the Suggs/Barnes comparisons? What colour will Kyle Kuzma’s hair be when he debuts with Washington and ultimately snatches 20 rebounds against Toronto? All of these questions will be answered in October! You’d better believe this will be an entertaining season.

37:05 — Masai Ujiri Forever

For three consecutive seasons, the Raptors have had the most sought-after free agent. Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry may have found new homes, but Fred VanVleet and, most importantly, Masai Ujiri remain. The architect of the championship roster, and the face of the franchise with Lowry’s departure, Ujiri’s new contract — which pays him a rumoured $15 million a season(!) — locks him in with Toronto “forever”.

44:44 — Malice at the Palace

Do you remember where you were when Ron Artest had beer thrown on him by a fan and he retaliated by charging into the stands? What happened on that fateful day in Auburn Hills between the Pistons and Pacers that we don’t already know? Does the Netflix documentary meet the standard that ESPN’s 30 for 30 films set?