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That’s A Rap #147: Much ado about the 4th pick

What’s in store at #4? Trade it? Keep it? Move up for Mobley? Move down for Barnes? There are so many ways this could go and so many items to discuss on the latest episode of That’s A Rap!

UCLA v Gonzaga Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Despite a three-week hiatus from the podcast, we returned to a very familiar Raptors landscape.

Masai Ujiri is still un-signed. Kyle Lowry is still a Raptor whose name is dropped in numerous trade rumours. The Raptors still hold the #4 pick in next week’s NBA Draft. However, a lot has changed in the NBA. The Milwaukee Bucks — always the butt of Raptors fans’ jokes — silenced all naysayers and won the NBA Championship. Giannis Antetokounmpo put a bow on a 3-year rampage that rivals any basketball legend. Quicker than a speeding Milwaukee parade bus, the draft is already less than a week away. Will the Raptors stay at 4 or look for more (picks, upside, etc.)? What do you think Toronto should do? Let us know in the comments below.

In This Episode:

3:15 — #GiannisIsChamp

Is it a coincidence the Bucks finally achieved their championship dreams once Norm Powell left the Conference? Seriously, though, Giannis capped an unforgettable playoff/Finals run with a 50-point masterpiece, which included out-shooting (17-for-19) the entire Phoenix Suns team (16-for-19) from the free-throw line! He kept his promise to Milwaukee and, not only re-signed when other superstars would’ve left for brighter lights, he brought the Larry OB to the Deer District.

14:15 — Did Suns lose or Bucks win?

The Suns were the pre-Finals favourite and Giannis was doubtful to play game one due to hyperextending his knee against Atlanta in the East Finals. Phoenix rolled out to a 2-0 series lead and Chris Paul’s first Finals trip seemed destined to end with a championship and the Bill Russell award. Despite being known as a coach who lacks playoff adjustments, Mike Budenholzer pushed all the right buttons and helped lead his Bucks to the promised land.

31:20 — What’s in store at number 4

Toronto is rumoured to be shopping for Cleveland’s #3 pick in an effort to land Evan Mobley. The Raptors are also rumoured to have their eyes on Scottie Barnes, thus, engaged in trade discussions with Orlando to move down to #5. New Orleans is making a late push for Kyle Lowry with multiple avenues to reach a sign-and-trade that would give Zion Williamson the floor general he desires. We’re less than a week away and the trade rumours will continue swirling. Enjoy the ride!