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Report: Raptors trade Terence Davis to Kings for second-round pick

Toronto isn’t done making moves — or clearly roster spots. The report from Woj is that they’ve unloaded Davis on the Kings for another second round pick.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Toronto Raptors Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another trade to announce for the Raptors, another roster spot cleared — and, in this case, another problem solved, albeit much too late. As reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Raptors are reportedly set to ship Terence Davis off to the Sacramento Kings in exhange for a future second round pick.

The official report:

And per Blake Murphy from the Athletic, some details on the future second round pick:

We don’t need to belabour the point here. Davis went from exciting young prospect, to dopey near-anti-masker, to outright pariah in Toronto. In all, the Raptors would have been justified in moving on from him for his off-court transgressions alone. That they didn’t is an indictment of the organization and not something that’s easily forgotten. It’s hard to offer too much credit here, though it’s clear the franchise’s once high hopes for Davis had already fallen off a cliff this season.

Setting aside the assault charges (which is a huge ask), it’s clear Davis is not likely to become much better than he is right now. His play this season was erratic at best, and totally clueless (particularly on defense) at worst. Yes, Davis is still a guy who can shoot the three and muscle his way to the rim, but his feel for the game is not great and it remains to be seen if another team can teach him that. My feeling on this: if the Raptors couldn’t improve Davis’ basketball IQ, I’m skeptical the Kings will be able to do it.

In any case, Davis will not be missed in Toronto. What this deal really signifies is another open roster spot for a potential Kyle Lowry trade. It’s after 3pm now, so let’s see if something was called in.