Kyle Lowry Trade Scenarios

As stated in my previous post (, none of these trades happen without Lowry's approval.

3 top trade destinations

1. Philadelphia - see below.

2. Miami - I think Miami would have to be willing to part with Tyler Herro for Toronto to agree. Lowry is better than Dragic, but from a Miami point of view, I just don't know if they feel that Lowry is that much better than Dragic, that trading Herro would be worthwhile.

3. LA Clippers - unfortunately, I just can't think of a trade that is good for both teams that works salary wise.

Proposed Trade with Philly

To Toronto: 3 of Tyrese Maxey, Shake Milton, Matisse Thybulle, Tony Bradley and 1st round pick.

To Philly: Kyle Lowry.

Best option for both teams: Tyrese Maxey, Tony Bradley and 1st round pick (with Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson as salary filler) to Toronto for Kyle Lowry.

Benefits for Lowry

1. Useful part of a championship caliber NBA team that should make a deep playoff run.

2. Winning the Larry OB trophy for Philly

3. Living in hometown Philly

4. Winning the Larry OB trophy for Philly should get him into NBA Hall of Fame

Benefits for Philly

1. He fixes a lot of Philly's weaknesses (outside shooting, passing, shot creation for himself or via setting up Embid/Simmons). Philly's starting lineup would be Lowry, Curry, Simmons, Harris and Embid.

2. Lowry makes any bench lineup much, much better as Raptors fans can attest to (eg. K. Lowry, M. Thybulle, F. Korkmaz, M. Scott, D. Howard)

3. Leader/playoff tested veteran

4. Very likely to resign for another 1-3 years given he is from Philly

5. Embid is playing MVP-caliber basketball and is relatively healthy (assuming he returns to form following his bone bruise). Embid has been injury-prone for most of his career. Philly should take advantage, because you never know what will happen next year.

6. Philly is in a very good position with a solid roster/good-great talent. Brooklyn may be even stronger next year. Who knows which team may get much better over the offseason...Miami may land Oladipo and be really strong next year. As Toronto learned during there championship year, you have to take risks to win a championship. Standing pat at the trade deadline is likely not going to be enough.

7. Philly still gets to keep its starting core of S.Curry, B. Simmons, T. Harris and J. Embid.

8. By using Maxey, Bradley and 1st rounder in the trade, Philly still keeps Milton, Thybulle and Scott for depth/playoff run. Philly should give Paul Reed an NBA contract post trade as he will likely be useful for some spot minutes off the bench during the playoffs. Philly may need to sign 1-2 buyouts/G-League players on minimum contracts to fill out their roster.

9. Philly should also consider a M.Scott + I. Joe trade for N. Bjelica to address remaining need for a stretch 4.

Benefits for Toronto

1. Powell's strong play recently has really created a Lowry or Powell dilemna for next season. Paying both of them what they are worth would put Toronto into Luxury Tax territory. Trading Lowry opens up the starting SG spot for Powell. Powell needs to be a starter if he is paid starter money.

2. Fred VanVleet has developed into a very capable Kyle Lowry replacement.

3. Lowry does not fit timeline of the rest of the team. (ignoring Baynes).

4. Toronto really needs a decent center and an injection of talent, especially for the bench.

5. This trade opens up other variations/subsequent trades that makes Toronto even better (

eg. To Toronto: Mo Bamba

To New York: Danny Green, ?Terrance Ferguson/Stanley Johnson/Terrence Davis

To Orlando: Tony Bradley, Kevin Knox

6. With our current team, Toronto's season is essentially over. Toronto is currently 17 W, 23 L. To get into the playoffs (ignoring play-ins), Toronto will likely need a .500 record. This means they will need to go 19-13 the rest of the way, which will earn them a 1st round matchup with either Philly, Brooklyn or Milwaukee. Given we have a glaring hole at the center position, we will likely lose our 1st round series.

7. Toronto should play for "strategic draft positioning" a high draft pick. This year's draft is very strong. The focus for the remainder of the games this year should be on player development and assessment (especially if a Lowry trade is done).