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KLOE Madness: Introducing the Kyle Lowry Over Everything Bracket

Kyle Lowry has accomplished a whole lot in his Raptors tenure. Come ride with us as we celebrate the greatest Raptor of all-time in bracket form!

2019 Toronto Raptors Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Kyle Lowry is playing his final games as a Toronto Raptor.

Wait, the rumours are false, as usual.

No, but Lowry still might be traded.

Actually, he’s going to retire as a Toronto Raptor.

The present and future of Kyle Lowry are full of uncertainty. The past, however, is crystal clear for the greatest Raptor of all time. He’s delivered on his promise of bringing a title to Toronto. Along the way, he’s filled his nine seasons as a Raptor with countless memories and highlights.

To commemorate his time with the Raptors, Sully and I have teamed up to bring you KLOE Madness — the Kyle Lowry Over Everything bracket! Digest this knock-out competition however you’d like. If he gets traded before his next birthday — coincidentally, the same day as the trade deadline — or leaves in the off-season (as unlikely as either look right now), consider this a tribute to what Kyle Lowry has given this city and franchise. If Lowry ends up returning, well, what’s wrong with reminiscing and honouring the franchise’s icon, especially in bracket form? Give the man his flowers!

Here is how our bracket will be conducted, We’ve got four regions and each has eight moments, seeded 1 through 8, for 32 moments in total.

Region one is the KLOE Region, region two is the Don’t Poke The Bear Region, region three is the Kyle L-L-L-L-Lowry Region, and region four is the When Kyle Speaks, You Listen Region. We’ll explain what each region signifies in their respective intros further below.

To determine the winner, Sully and I will vote on each moment to advance. If we come to a tie, our head honcho, Daniel Reynolds will break it. But don’t you worry, reader! Fans will get to have their say in the later rounds of the bracket! In our next piece, we’ll describe what each moment means to us and select our winner.

Before we jump in, here are the Kyle Lowry moments that just missed the cut but are still important and memorable nonetheless!

That’s already a lot of amazing moments. Now let’s get it: welcome to the KLOE Madness Bracket!

There’s a lot to taken in, but don’t worry: we’ll go through each region below and provide a media clip and context for each moment. On Wednesday, we’ll detail what each moment means to us and select the winner.

KLOE REGION (Best Moments)

KLOE — Kyle Lowry Over Everything. It’s a motto all Raptor fans live by and it’s one where it describes Kyle perfectly. When we think of KLOE, we think of Kyle giving his all in anything he does, whether that happens on the basketball court — where Kyle is King, or off the court — where Kyle gives back to the city of Toronto and the fans for a greater good, and that is why it will always be Kyle Lowry Over Everything. Without further ado, here are Kyle’s best moments as a Toronto Raptor:

(1) Lifting the Larry O’B vs. (8) Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

(2) 2019 ECF Game 6 Post-game Reception vs. (7) Kyle & Kawhi Post-Championship

(3) Pre-game Intros vs. (6) Ring Ceremony

(4) Players’ Tribune “Home” vs. (5) Players’ Tribune “Not an Underdog Story”


Unlike most NBA stars, Kyle Lowry’s impact is greater in specific moments and plays (which is why they have their own region). Thankfully, Lowry has strung together some iconic games that will live in Raptors franchise lore forever. Paring down the list to eight had its challenges but the games that made the cut cover everything from the regular season to the playoffs, and from Kyle’s role as a scorer to his ability as a facilitator. Check out Lowry’s best games below and comment on any games you wish made the list.

(1) 2019 NBA Finals Game 6 vs. (8) Lowry Era Begins

(2) 2020 ECSF Game 6 vs. Celtics vs. (7) 2016 ECF Game 4 vs. Cavs

(3) 2016 ECSF Game 7 vs. Heat vs. (6) December Duel with Steph Curry

(4) Career-High Against LeBron vs. (5) The Comeback


If you were to do a “Best of” bracket for any other NBA player, their Best Plays section would likely only have outstanding shots or dunks. That’s not the case for Kyle. He does so much more than what shows up in the box score, it’s no wonder half of this region does not involve him putting the ball through the hoop. I dare you to watch all eight clips without cracking a smile — it’s not possible!

(1) Buzzer-beater against Miami vs. (8) Icing Game 1 of the NBA Finals

(2) His Greatest Steal vs. (7) Circus Shot Against Washington

(3) The Longest Pass vs. (6) Crossing ‘Dipo and Feeding Landry Fields

(4) Game-winner Against Cleveland vs. (5) Taking Charge of the All-Star Game


This title speaks for itself. Kyle Lowry isn’t the man he is without his witty, hilarious, and thoughtful sound bites. Sometimes the soundbites come when Lowry is asked an errant or confusing question from the media, which allows him to cut loose; sometimes he’ll offer up a thoughtful and powerfull answer; and sometimes Lowry will even turn wholesome with some thought-provoking words to solid questions. All in all, when Kyle speaks, you better damn listen! Here are the best Kyle Lowry quotes:

(1) “Don’t Ask Me No Dumbass Questions” vs. (8) Kyle’s Colourful Recap

(2) “We Brought It Home, Baby” vs. (7) Sh*t (x2)

(3) Media Jokes vs. (6) Kyle The Reporter

(4) “USC (Math), Baby” vs. (5) Stumped By a Jr. NBA Reporter

Stay tuned on Wednesday to see how the first round unfolds!