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Welcome to Club 54: Get this Fred VanVleet gear to celebrate

With Fred VanVleet’s latest milestone on the Raptors, we’ve got exactly the gear you need to congratulate the man we here in Toronto call Steady Freddy.

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Fred VanVleet is now the new Toronto Raptors franchise leader for most points scored in a single game with 54. This lends itself well to history, as VanVleet is now also the all-time leader for most points scored in a game by an undrafted NBA player. (Also, as per my headline, there’s a fun and vague Studio 54 reference to make here.)

As we all know, VanVleet has made a career of betting on himself and having it pay off. He went from being a unheralded and underrated point guard, to a G League champion, to a core member of a championship team, to perhaps the future of the franchise with a hefty contract. It’s been quite a journey.

And now, yes, you can commemorate that journey with the latest apparel from Breaking T: a new t-shirt and hoodie with the Bet On Yourself slogan and the momentous number: 54.

Get your Bet On Yourself 54 t-shirt and hoodie here

Follow the link and take a look at the designs below.