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Report: Sunday’s Raptors-Bulls game postponed

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Ongoing contact tracing within the Raptors organization left the team without enough players to play.

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Sunday night’s matchup between the Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls has been postponed under the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

Due to ongoing contact tracing, including some positive test results, within the Raptors organization, the Raptors would have been short the minimum eight players required to play tonight.

Under the protocols’ privacy guidelines, we don’t know who has tested positive, or how many positive tests have occurred. We do know, of course, that head coach Nick Nurse, five members of his staff, along with Pascal Siakam, all missed Friday night’s game under the same protocol.

Here is the official word from the NBA:

Naturally, we hope that everyone on the team is healthy and safe. We don’t know how this might play out from here; the Raptors have two more games this week, against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday and the Boston Celtics on Thursday, before the weeklong All-Star break. Those games might now be in jeopardy. We’ll update as soon as we know more.

The Raptors were one of four NBA teams who hadn’t had a game postponed yet this season. This is the Bulls’s third postponement.