Bradley Beal/Kyle Lowry Trade!

Actually, these trades hinge primarily on Kyle Lowry going to Philadelphia for some of their younger players and expiring contracts and then trading them in a three team trade for various players (one of them being Bradley Beal).

First and foremost, Kyle Lowry has been the heart and soul of the Raptors for the past nine years. He has earned the respect from fans, teammates and management and as a result, this trade should only proceed with Lowry's approval.

Viewpoints of Lowry-Philly portion of trade

Kyle Lowry:

I am assuming that Lowry would be happy to do this trade for two reasons. He is essentially the missing piece for the 76ers (outside shooting, passing, will bring out the best in both Embid and Simmons -- imagine a starting lineup of Lowry, Seth Curry, Simmons, Harris and Embid) and because it would be nice for him to bring home the Larry OB trophy to his hometown. Winning the Larry OB trophy with 76ers would cement him as Hall of Fame candidate.

Toronto Raptors:

From a Raps point of view, Lowry's age and timeline does not fit with the current core Raps rotation (all in mid 20's) and given the Raps less than impressive start to the season as well as the strength of the East's contenders, it would be best to change strategy, and aim for "strategic draft positioning" (Thank you to Benjamin Song) and younger assets. If there was a year not to make the playoffs, this is it. Raps would be the only team in the NBA at a disadvantage of no true home court this year. Other East contenders loaded with stars. 2021 Draft is a very strong draft, especially at the top, but even into the lottery.

Philadelphia 76ers:

From a Philly point of view, they are a very solid team, but they need a true PG to maximize both Simmons and Embid's potentials. Most significant online trades involve trading Simmons (or Embid) and I think any of those trades is a big step back for Philly. In this trade, Philly is getting a 3rd star without giving up Simmons or Embid.

Philly-Toronto trade

To Philly: Kyle Lowry with promise that he would resign with them for at least one more year +/- any Raptor making less than $8 million (eg. Bembry, Johnson, Watson for depth purposes).

To Toronto: Tyrese Maxey, Matisse Thybulle, Danny Green & Mike Scott/Ferguson +/- Tony Bradley.

Washington-Philly-Toronto trade

To Philly: Kyle Lowry with promise that he would resign with them for at least one more year, Raps future 2nd round pick.

To Toronto: Bradley Beal, Mike Scott

To Washington: Tyrese Maxey, Terence Davis, Tony Bradley, Matisse Thybulle, Danny Green, Raps future 1st round pick.

My concern with this trade is that it still leaves us weak at the centre spot, especially against teams like the 76ers, Heat, Bucks and Pacers. I feel it moves us from a 1st round out to a 2nd round out in the playoffs. Although this trade doesn't have the number of draft picks that all the recent big trades have, this trade allows Washington to do an immediate rebuild without waiting for years of draft picks to join the roster. Also, Washington hasn't really drafted well in the past few years (Maxey, Davis, Thybulle better than T. Brown, Hachimura & ?Avdija). Washington can likely flip Green for a 2nd round pick.

Orlando-Philly-Toronto trade

To Philly: Kyle Lowry

To Toronto: Nikola Vucevic, Matisse Thybulle

To Orlando: Tyrese Maxey, Danny Green, Mike Scott

My concern with this trade is that Nikola is 30 years old. This trade puts us in the timeframe of shooting for the Larry OB trophy in the next 2-4 years. Will Vucevic have more of an impact on winning than Lowry?...Not sure.

Also, we might be able to get Vucevic with a package of Flynn, Powell, Baynes and McCaw. I have to be honest, I am not sure what Orlando is looking for...given Cole Anthony is playing reasonably well as a rookie, does Maxey or Flynn appeal to them?

Atlanta-Philly-Toronto trade

To Philly: Kyle Lowry with promise that he would resign with them for at least one more year +/- Kris Dunn (helps with Nets/Bucks/Heat matchups)

To Toronto: John Collins, Tony Snell, Kris Dunn or Tony Bradley if Dunn goes to Philly

To Atlanta: Tyrese Maxey, Matisse Thybulle, Danny Green, Mike Scott

Atlanta does this trade because although they can resign Collins (he wants a max contract), they just signed Gallinari ($20 mil/year) and also traded for Capela and drafted Okongwu. I suspect Collins would have a hard time seeing how he fits in that situation. Collins has also expressed issues with Young's running of the team as he would like to be more involved in the offence. With this trade, Atlanta gets a premiere defender (Thybulle) to pair with Young, as well as a solid PG to play a style (scorer) similar to Young when he takes a break. Green and Scott are solid veterans who will help (more than Snell and Dunn) as they make a run in this year's playoffs. For Toronto, Collins becomes our starting centre who can create his own offense, shoot the 3 and works well in the pick and roll. He will have some matchup issues with taller centres (Embid, Drummond) but the Raps should keep Baynes around for these specific matchups.


First of all, all of the above trades work in Trade Machine/checker (some would have to be done after Feb.6 when newly signed players can be traded). Personally, I like the Atlanta trade as it gives us a young PF/C who would fit well in Toronto's offensive system. Collins still has some work to do on the defensive end, but he has the tools and has been improving on this end. Toronto would have Collins' Birds Rights and as a RFA, Toronto can sign him for just less than a max offer, or match another team's offer. Also, with this trade, I would focus on letting the young guys play more with the hope of not making the playoffs, ie. "strategic draft positioning". With Lowry traded, this lengthens Toronto's timeline for competing. This is one of the best drafts in the past several years and a lot of the picks available in the lottery are SGs who can create their own shot.

I would love to hear some comments.