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Five Daily Thoughts: Owners are the worst

What we’re learning about the Phoenix organization has surprised literally no one.

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Phoenix Suns v Toronto Raptors Photo by Scott Audette/NBAE via Getty Images

I’m moving today, which means all I’ve got time for are a few links. But you don’t want to be reading my words anyway, you want to be reading this first link.

1. Baxter Holmes breaks through the Sarver barrier

Holmes’ story, which if you haven’t yet read you must do so, probably doesn’t surprise anyone. If there’s anything we can expect from professional sports owners, and pretty much anyone wealthy enough to own a sports franchise, it’s that they’re some of the worst humanity has to offer. The opening anecdote, featuring current Toronto Raptors assistant coach Earl Watson, gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for here.

2. Digging into Skylar Diggins-Smith

We are trying here at HQ, thanks to the work of Chelsea Leite, to bring more awareness of the WNBA to our awesome readership. But there’s plenty of other great WNBA coverage at SB Nation too, and I really enjoyed this interview of Skylar Diggins-Smith by Sabreena Merchant.

3. Anunoby, MIP, yada yada

It’s almost getting tiring, seeing everyone writing about OG Anunoby’s bigger role this season. Still, Kevin O’Connor does nail one point here, about OG’s efficiency, which needs to tick up (and should when Pascal Siakam returns:

Though Anunoby’s raw averages are way up from last season (15.9 points to 20.3), his efficiency is down (60.5 percent true shooting to 52). For Anunoby to make an even bigger leap, he’ll need to start putting the ball in the basket more often.

4. East coast best coast

The Athletic’s Sam Amick has a nice rundown of the fun, surprising and wild first three weeks of the season in the Eastern Conference which of course includes our very own Toronto Raptors.

5. Crunchy or creamy?

I’m with Anthony Edwards. Creamy all the way.