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Five Daily Thoughts: Scottie, DeMar, and KD v Steph

How close was DeMar DeRozan to becoming a Laker, and how much does LeBron regret chasing Russell Westbrook instead?

Toronto Raptors fall to the Chicago Bulls 111-108 Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Toronto Raptors are looking to snap out of a funk tonight against the Utah Jazz. We’ll have all the usual coverage right here, and I very much look forward to OG Anunoby owning Rudy Gobert once again.

In the meantime, though, some morning thoughts:

1. Steph vs. KD

Allow me to join the chorus of “Yeah, I wouldn’t seeing this in the NBA Finals.”

Also, no one should have any nostalgia for the Nets’ New Jersey days, but I gotta say, those uniforms and the court sure bring back a few things.

2. More DeMar

So DeMar DeRozan really wanted to be a Laker, and it was nearly a done deal, and then LeBron decided he’d rather have Russell Westbrook.

I mean I guess if I’m LeBron I have three straight years of seeing DeMar bow weakly out of the playoffs, but still. I’m guessing he’d like to take that one back right about now.

3. Devine on Scottie

Missed this last week, but The Ringer’s Dan Devine profiled Scottie Barnes and the rookie’s first month in the league. Dan nails this as the coolest thing about the Barnes experience so far:

His scoring touch, though, has been something of a revelation: After averaging 10.3 points per game in the ACC last season, Barnes has come out of the gates firing, averaging a Class of ’21–best 17 points per game on 53.3 percent shooting.

I don’t think any of us thought Scottie would be scoring as much as he has, as efficiently as he has. And maybe it’s not sustainable as defences adjust, but it’s been an early highlight of the season for sure.

4. Goal Canada

Not much of a soccer guy, but Canada moving to the top of the CONCACAF table, at home, in the snow, is some pretty cool shit.

We’re gonna have both men’s and women’s sides in their respective World Cups and that too, is some pretty cool shit.

5. GTFO with this

Well this is gross:

Corporate naming rights are awful, full stop, and it’s not like “Staples Center” is anyone’s idea of a great stadium name. But naming an arena after a company that’s taken advantage of a trend like cryptocurrency, which at worst is a scam and at best is an incredibly destructive practice for our environment, in the midst of a climate crisis, is just the absolute apex of corporate greed. Fuck naming rights and fuck crypto dot com.