Decision Time for The Raps

The Raptors are off to an underwhelming start. That much is clear through their first six games with their only win coming against the Knicks who, to be fair are 4-3 but also... its the Knicks. Seeing this roster and this record has made something clear to me. The Raps need to choose a direction to go this season. Do they want to try to make another blockbuster trade like the one that netted them Kawhi, or do they blow the team up and try to rebuild. Its clear that the current team is a lot more of a pretender than a contender. The Raptors do have good young pieces like OG, VanVleet, Boucher and Siakam but none of those guys are good enough to get a team to the finals. Because that is the goal, making it to the finals. That could mean blowing the team up and being terrible for a while or possibly trading a fan favourite like the four I mentioned earlier. This team has to make a decision or they'll end up like the Magic/Pistons/Pacers. Never bad enough to build a future but never good enough to win it all. Another factor is that the Raptors can't jump the line of success by signing free agents like the Lakers, Clippers or Nets. The simple reason being that no one wants to play in Canada. Seriously, Chris Boucher might be the best signing in Raptors history. This makes a road back to the top extremely difficult. The Raptors have to make big moves, preferably this season while everyone's trade values are still high. Siakam should be the first to go. Not to burst any die hard Raptors fans bubble but he is very overrated. He's a #3 on a championship team. Also he probably has the most trade value of any current Raptor. That move is 100% needed if the Raps want to taste gold again in the next 10 years. Because with this group they will never win again.