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That’s A Rap #107: Post-Game 2 vs. Celtics Reaction

This was a tough pill to swallow, but the boys of That’s A Rap did their best to find some light at the end of the 0-2 tunnel.

Boston Celtics v Toronto Raptors - Game Two Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In the game of numbers, Boston continues to have Toronto’s.

By my count, the Celtics have only “won” two quarters through two games — the first quarter in Game 1 and the fourth quarter in Game 2. Toronto owned the third quarter in Game 2. All other quarters have been a wash. But that’s all Boston needed to steal the first two games of this highly anticipated matchup.

Check out the latest episode of That’s A Rap, as the boys try to find some positives from a truly heart-breaking Game 2 loss.

In This Episode:

2:30 — Tiny margin of error

Celtics have a lot of weapons. Even after keeping most of their stars in check — Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart combined for nine points through three quarters, while Jaylen Brown was held under 40 percent shooting — all it took was an unconscious shooting display from Smart to turn a 12-point deficit into a Celtics lead they’d never relinquish.

8:40 — OG coming out

It’s easily forgotten that the last time OG Anunoby played in the playoffs, he was battling toe-to-toe with LeBron James. Anunoby has been making strides throughout the season and in these playoffs. When shots weren’t falling (again), Anunoby filled the void wherever he could, to the tune of a playoff career-high 20 points.

10:40 — The Celtic Splash Brother

Has anyone checked if Marcus Smart held FVV Jr. before he got to his father?

13:15 — Step Up

In the dying moments, Kemba Walker got the switch he wanted in Serge Ibaka. You knew what was happening next. Drive. Crossover. Pullup. Game. If you and I knew what was happening, why didn’t Ibaka? If he simply stepped up, allowing the drive, the backline was ready to pounce.

Speaking of stepping up, the Raptors have no choice but do just that for a second consecutive playoff season. They’ve been beaten by one bad first quarter and one hot streak from Smart. That’s the difference between 2-0 Celtics and 2-0 Raptors. Don’t lose faith, Raptors fans!