NBA Players Can Lead The Way To Polling Precincts On Election Day

When I first saw NBA players with slogans like "Respect Us" at the back of their jerseys, I did not entertain the notion that they were talking to the owners. If they were, then the boycott is a brilliant idea to get the owners’ attention and get something done through the enormous resources and outreach of the corporate world. Kudos to the players.

But I really thought at first they were asking the racists and bigots to respect them, I thought they were being too naive. That's like expecting the leopard to shed its spots and a zebra to turn into a horse. If these people can change their hateful ways, they wouldn’t be called neo Nazis and KKKs. In order for society to rid itself of systemic racism and change, the only way is to take actions, peaceful or otherwise.

Since we are only allowed to suggest peaceful one, here is something that might be effective. On election day, if the NBA players and other professional athletes show up at the polling precincts of their respective jurisdictions to cast their votes and let this be known in advance that they will be there, I am sure throngs of their adoring fans will likewise show up to take a glimpse of their idols and also make their votes count.

Make history by making the most number of newspapers carry the exact same headline the day after the election: "You’re Fired !"