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Here are some ways we can stand with NBA players

The Raptors and the rest of the NBA’s players are protesting for social justice. Here are some ways you can help support them, and Black people everywhere, in that fight.

NBA: Finals Watch Party Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

With NBA players sending a strong message about structural racism and police brutality in our communities, we here at Raptors HQ want to make it easy as possible for you to find a way to support causes that our committed to fighting for social justice in Toronto. The players are taking a stand, and if nothing else, they need our support. We need to all be in this together.

So, some suggestions:

Black Lives Matter:

You know the name, but the organization’s Canadian chapter works to fight anti-Black and Indigenous racism across the country, educate about what ‘Defunding the Police’ could really accomplish, and be accomplished, and provide funding for all manner of Black arts and education initiatives.

Aboriginal Legal Services:

This charity provides funding to help aboriginal peoples in Toronto and elsewhere navigate a legal system that is often stacked against them. It also provides resources for lawyers (aboriginal and non), so they can best help serve aboriginal clients.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty:

Maybe you’re a: “attack the root of the problem” kinda person. In that case OCAP may be for you — they’ve been around forever and fight to oppose government and corporate policies that make poverty worse in our society/attack the safety and rights of the least capitalized amongst us.

Also, this BlogTO article is a little older, but it has a great list of organizations that do good work around our city as well.

Others Ways to Make an Effort:

If the Raptors do continue to play, why not get a group of friends together and pledge a set amount for every game — win or lose? Be a fan and boost the message that the NBA can make a difference in our world, inside the Bubble or out.

Also, we know that COVID-19 has placed hardships on many of us and donating right now might be impossible. That’s cool. Maybe you’re volunteering? Or have called out discrimination when you saw it. Or you’re reading and listening to the thoughts of people who are being discriminated against and looking at your own past actions. Or, you’re an inspiration to me, and you’re doing all of those things!

Whatever you’re choosing to do to help make a more just society, we here at Raptors HQ say thank you.

It’s a long road to get to a better place, but we can get there if we keep putting one foot in front of the other — together.