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Test your knowledge with our 2019-20 Toronto Raptors season quiz

With the Raptors restarting the 2019-20 season tomorrow night, it’s time to take our quiz to see if you remember key moments and events from the year.

COVID-19: What’s next for the 2019-20 NBA season and the Toronto Raptors Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and police brutality crises continuing on, Toronto Raptors basketball finally returns tomorrow night in an attempt to bring some sort of normalcy to the world. After all, this is the same squad who brought fans so much joy over the past year, despite missing a billion man-games due to injury.

To welcome back our favourite team, we created a Raptors quiz on this season prior to the suspension. Since 2020 has felt like several years compressed into one, naturally, there may be moments from this season that you’ve forgotten all about. But fear not! These multiple-choice questions should help refresh your memory and get you back into the basketball spirit.

So, here are 25 Raptors-related questions, all shuffled up. They range from easy to hard, including some based on very specific moments/events only some may remember. The answers to the quiz will be at the end of the article — you don’t need to cheat! — so keep track of your score, and make sure to let us know how you did in the comments below or on Twitter by tagging @DylanLitman, @SullySays__, and @RaptorsHQ!

1. Which active players on the Raptors were the first and last to receive their championship ring, respectively?

a) Patrick McCaw, Kyle Lowry

b) Chris Boucher, Pascal Siakam

c) Patrick McCaw, Pascal Siakam

d) Malcolm Miller, Kyle Lowry

2. Earlier this season, the Raptors mercilessly held Joel Embiid scoreless for the first time in his career. How many shots did Embiid attempt (and miss) that night?

a) 0-for-14

b) 0-for-9

c) 0-for-7

d) 0-for-11

3. Last year, Pascal Siakam tallied a career-high 44 points versus the Washington Wizards. This season, he managed to tie his career-high versus which team?

a) Los Angeles Lakers

b) Phoenix Suns

c) Washington Wizards

d) New Orleans Pelicans

4. Which Raptor has played in every game this season?

a) Patrick McCaw

b) OG Anunoby

c) Terence Davis II

d) Chris Boucher

5. The Raptors recorded their largest margin of victory in franchise history, beating this team by 46 points:

a) New York Knicks

b) Chicago Bulls

c) Charlotte Hornets

d) Indiana Pacers

6. What were the most points the Raptors scored in a game this season that also happened to be a franchise record for most points scored?

a) 136 points

b) 137 points

c) 140 points

d) 142 points

7. After Serge Ibaka and OG Anunoby famously (and hilariously) participated in a verbal confrontation about scarves, Ibaka actually gifted his fellow teammates with scarves of their own. What did those scarves look like?

a) Black & Red, Raptor-themed

b) Orange & Camouflage, one on each side

c) Checkered Brown/White pattern

d) Gold & Purple, throwback Raptor-themed

8. This year, the 2020 All-Star Game changed formats, heightening the overall competitive spirit. As a result, how many charges did Kyle Lowry take in the 4th quarter of this year’s heated All-Star Game?

a) 0 charges

b) 1 charge

c) 2 charges

d) 3 charges

9. What was the exact score and time when the Raptors made their historic 30-point comeback victory against the Dallas Mavericks?

a) 88-58, 3rd quarter 2:56 remaining

b) 83-53, 3rd quarter 2:44 remaining

c) 85-55, 3rd quarter 2:32 remaining

d) 81-51, 3rd quarter 2:48 remaining

10. Without Kyle Lowry, OG Anunoby, and Serge Ibaka, the Raptors stormed into Portland and grabbed a stunning 114-106 victory. Which of these stat-lines DID NOT occur in this game?

a) Pascal Siakam scores 36 points, Fred VanVleet scores 30

b) Damian Lillard fails to score in double figures for the first time in 230 games

c) Terence Davis records his career-high of 31 points

d) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson records his career-high in offensive rebounds with eight

11. Who is the only Raptor player to be featured on Serge Ibaka’s “How Hungry Are You?” YouTube show this season?

a) Kyle Lowry

b) OG Anunoby

c) Pascal Siakam

d) Matt Thomas

12. What was the longest winning streak the Raptors went on this season and who did they last beat on that streak?

a) 15-game winning streak, Minnesota Timberwolves

b) 15-game winning streak, Indiana Pacers

c) 16-game winning streak, Chicago Bulls

d) 16-game winning streak, Brooklyn Nets

13. Out of all Raptors players with at least 100 minutes played this season, who had both the highest True Shooting Percentage and Effective Field Goal Percentage?

a) Matt Thomas

b) Norman Powell

c) Chris Boucher

d) OG Anunoby

14. When Norman Powell was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week back in March, which Western Conference player earned the award alongside him?

a) LeBron James

b) Kristaps Porzingis

c) Kawhi Leonard

d) Damian Lillard

15. While it may have seemed like Terence Davis recorded a new career-high in points every other game, how many times did Davis actually score 20-plus points this season?

a) 2 times

b) 4 times

c) 7 times

d) 8 times

16. How many times did OG Anunoby continuously say “what about scarves?” to Serge Ibaka in their ‘Avec Classe’ episode?

a) 3 times

b) 4 times

c) 5 times

d) 7 times

17. Which three Raptors won the NBA’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week and how many times did they win?

a) Kyle Lowry (2x), Pascal Siakam, Norman Powell

b) Pascal Siakam (2x), Kyle Lowry (2x), Norman Powell

c) Norman Powell (2x), Pascal Siakam (2x), Kyle Lowry

d) Pascal Siakam (2x), Kyle Lowry, Norman Powell

18. For many excited fans, Matt Thomas’ breakout game came against the Indiana Pacers. In that spirit, what is Thomas’ career-high in points?

a) 15 points

b) 17 points

c) 22 points

d) 24 points

19. Coach Nick Nurse couldn’t win a coach’s challenge to save his life early in the season. What was his coach’s challenge record before winning his first challenge?

a) 0-for-6 on challenges

b) 0-for-7 on challenges

c) 0-for-9 on challenges

d) 0-for-11 on challenges

20. Which month did Terence Davis win the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month?

a) December

b) January

c) February

d) Did not win Rookie of the Month

21. It’s January 20, 2020. The Raptors are in Atlanta to take on the Hawks. There are nine minutes left in the fourth quarter with the Raps up 89-87. Which Raptor then went on an exciting personal 12-0 run in only 1:46 of game-time, scoring 17 of his 27 points down the stretch?

a) Kyle Lowry

b) Norman Powell

c) Pascal Siakam

d) Fred VanVleet

22. The Raptors were lethal on both ends of the floor this season. How many times did they defeat an opponent by 20-plus points?

a) 5 times

b) 8 times

c) 9 times

d) 11 times

23. The Raptors were banged up with injuries throughout the season. How many different starting lineups did coach Nick Nurse roll out?

a) 12 different starting lineups

b) 15 different starting lineups

c) 17 different starting lineups

d) 18 different starting lineups

24. Which Raptor hit the eventual game-winning three-pointer in Toronto’s miraculous 118-108 comeback against the Indiana Pacers to win 119-118?

a) Pascal Siakam

b) Fred VanVleet

c) Serge Ibaka

d) Kyle Lowry

25. Kyle Lowry has been the league’s best at drawing charges. How many charges has he drawn and where does he rank in the league this season?

a) 24 charges drawn, third in NBA

b) 28 charges drawn, tied with second in NBA

c) 30 charges drawn, tied with first in NBA

d) 33 charges drawn, first in NBA


Have you written down your answers to all 25 questions? Have you done it without using Google at all? Well then, see below for the answers.





Answers to the Quiz:

  1. d) Malcolm Miller, Kyle Lowry
  2. d) 0-for-11
  3. d) New Orleans Pelicans
  4. c) Terence Davis, 64 games played of 64
  5. d) Indiana Pacers, 127-81 final score
  6. c) Answer: 140 points vs. Washington Wizards
  7. b) Orange & Camouflage, one on each side
  8. c) 2 charges
  9. c) 85-55, 3rd quarter 2:32 remaining
  10. c) Terence Davis records his career-high of 31 points
  11. c) Pascal Siakam
  12. a) 15-winning game streak, Minnesota Timberwolves
  13. a) Matt Thomas (0.65 TS%, 0.644 eFG%)
  14. a) LeBron James
  15. b) 4 times
  16. b) 4 times
  17. d) Pascal Siakam (2x), Kyle Lowry, Norman Powell
  18. b) 17 points
  19. a) 0-for-6 on challenges
  20. d) Did not win Rookie of the Month
  21. b) Norman Powell
  22. c) 9 times
  23. b) 15 different starting lineups
  24. c) Serge Ibaka
  25. d) 30 charges drawn, tied with Montrezl Harrell for first in NBA

Let us know how you did in the comments below or on Twitter by tagging @DylanLitman, @SullySays__, and @RaptorsHQ.