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That’s A Rap #98: Indulging in Magic City (or the Magic’s City)

The NBA is all the way back to invade our timelines. To tip-off the NBA restart, the boys brought in Raptors Republic’s Samson Folk to discuss the latest from inside and outside the bubble.

Toronto Raptors v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The longest road trip ever continues on Saturday!

On March 1st, the Raptors kicked off a West Coast road swing in Denver. It was supposed to end in Utah on March 9th, but, as we’ve all learned, 2020 is a year like no other. Almost five months later, the reigning, defending world champions return to the hardwood in a possible NBA Finals preview against the Lakers.

To discuss the scrimmages that were, the re-seeding schedule that lies ahead, and all things food-related in between, the boys welcomed Samson Folk of Raptors Republic to the podcast.

In This Episode:

1:55 — Minute Basketball

Samson is the voice of The Rapcast podcast, the words behind some great articles on Raptors Republic, and now, the co-creator (along with Louis Zatzman) of Minute Basketball — an NBA newsletter that combines both of his talents.

9:10 — That’s a wrap... on scrimmages

The scrimmages served their purpose. Nick Nurse got to play around with roster lineups. Pascal Siakam used each “game” to work on areas needing improvement. Kyle Lowry reminded everyone that, as long as a referee is present, he’ll take charges. What impressed you most about the Raptors during the three scrimmages? Was there anything you noticed that’s concerning?

25:05 — Covidiots

Michael Porter Jr. believes the coronavirus is being used for population control. Meanwhile, Lou Williams left the NBA bubble to attend a funeral, then hit a strip club... for dinner. Magic City is apparently known for its menu. (Food, I’m talking about food, people!).

To recap, one NBA player thinks a deadly virus that has altered human history is essentially a hoax. Another player is not taking the virus seriously enough, potentially exposing himself and the rest of the NBA. Who is the bigger Covidiot?

39:00 — Chips with the dip

Do you have a game-day ritual? Is there something you always do or wear before a Raptors game? What’s your go-to snack/meal when the NBA Champions are on your television? In hindsight, I do regret missing one of my favourites from the list of top-3 chips: Maple Bacon!

48:45 — Playoff projections

The wait is over. Anticipation is now converting into activation. The NBA is back and, with zero positive COVID-19 tests inside the bubble, we can safely cautiously proceed with making game projections. Is there an ideal path you’re hoping the Raptors see in the playoffs? What possible playoff gauntlet keeps you up at night?