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Listen to That’s A Rap #96: Lots to celebrate in the bubble

OG turned 23. That’s A Rap turns two. We’ve got a lot of celebrating on the latest episode, so please gift us with a listen!

Toronto Raptors beat the New York Knicks 126-98 Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The middle of July has quickly become a favourite time of the year for Raptors fans. Whether it’s reaping the rewards of the free agency period, reminiscing on a franchise-altering trade, or celebrating the birthday of a fan fave, the warm weather isn’t the only thing bringing smiles to Torontonians.

In our latest episode the boys do some celebrating before jumping into a slew of NBA bubble news. There are players breaking quarantine, players breaking health protocols, and players that are requesting to break both (come on, Montrezl)! Grab some food, pour some animal sauce, and enjoy the latest episode of That’s A Rap.

In This Episode:

2:16 — It’s a celebration, snitches!!

On July 18, 2018, Masai Ujiri pulled off the biggest move in franchise history, trading DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl for Danny Green and some fun guy.

On July 18, 2019, the Toronto Raptors were the reigning NBA champions.

On July 18, 2020, the Toronto Raptors.....are still the reigning NBA champions.

3:15 — Free Woj

Adrian Wojnarowski’s been suspended by ESPN. Is it really a suspension if there isn’t major news happening in the league?

7:30 — Feels like home

The Toronto Raptors are champions on and off the court. From family photos to Toronto-themed decor, the Raptors staff have done a masterful job making the players feel comfortable within the bubble.

14:15 — It’s not a simulation, snitches!!

Meanwhile in the Wubble, Elena Delle Donne’s request to opt out of the season (and still receive her salary) was denied by the WNBA. The CDC does not recognize her Lyme Disease as a high enough risk. If the WNBA is not putting the players’ health concerns first, and the NBA is only allowing specific social justice messages, what kind of mixed messages do they expect basketball fans/players to comprehend?

27:15 — COVID cake

Damian Lillard’s birthday party was a beautiful sight of celebrating and singing in a room filled with teammates and Blazers staff. A sight that would’ve be great to see.......pre-pandemic.

33:00 — Breaking (Quarantine) Bad

Richaun Holmes was reprimanded for breaking quarantine while picking up a food delivery. Is there a restaurant or type of cuisine you’d break quarantine for? Is one meal of bliss worth 10 days of isolation?