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Toronto Temperature: Things have changed in the NBA

With 17 days left until meaningful NBA action, it might just be time to take the Temperature.

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice
Kyle Lowry in a virtual press conference.
Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

Hi! It’s been a minute since the temperature has been taken and as the title of this article states: a lot has changed. Before we dive into the very limited Raptors content we have, I thought I would take a moment to point out a couple of things.

So much of what we, as NBA fans, are about to embark on in this resumed season has to be viewed through the lens of hundreds of Black athletes putting their lives on the line in a state that somehow continues to outpace itself in positive COVID-19 test results, despite the very loud calls for the country that the state is in to take greater measures to protect the health of its citizens.

These very same Black athletes have had to also continuously watch Black people get murdered by white police officers at a rate that would suggest change would be imminent, but it never comes. Silence is not an option and just because Black Lives Matter isn’t at the front of the news cycle does not make it any less true, important or worthy a topic for journalists, especially white journalists, to continue to trumpet, support and take up action for.

Names on jerseys and bus wraps are a great starting point, but don’t forget that this is everyone’s fight. Donate. March. Speak.

Silence is not an option. Now, with that heat:

Who’s Hot

Kyle Lowry, Our GOAT

Hey look, a segue.

Kyle Lowry took his sweet time showing his face to the media but was it ever worth the wait. Not only is our GOAT putting on for BLM, but he’s wearing a mask — what a novel concept! It’s always comforting to see the ones you love most supporting and signal boosting the things that are most important. Not to be reductive, but it’s also kind of great to see their muscles.

Marc Gasol, Daddy

Marc Gasol is here to do two things: stay hydrated and be a back to back NBA Champion. Tell me I’m wrong.

Matt Thomas, Off-season Muscle Report

All right, look, I get it, this whole section is about muscles. What more do you want from me? Matty Ice is jacked!

Who’s Not

Literally No One, Because...

NBA players and staff who have decided to take part in this likely mess of a restarted season should be given a fucking medal. Yes, these are still wealthy professional athletes and handsomely compensated employees who likely already have countless medals to their name, but let’s not gloss over the fact that these people are putting their lives at risk for our entertainment. All of these people have families and all of those families have had to say goodbye to their loved ones for an extended period of time while they are left to hope that all of this isn’t for naught.

For their sake, lets hope it isn’t.