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Listen to That’s A Rap #93: Talking about social media fails and holy grails

With school finished and the Summer officially underway, what better way to kick off your weekend than catching the latest episode of That’s A Rap!

Toronto Raptors v Orlando Magic - Game Three Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

The schedule has finally been released!

Unfortunately, it was released after we recorded. Lucky for you, there’s still a ton of NBA/Raptor news to discuss this week. Whether it was Evan Fournier opening his big mouth or Adrian Wojnarowski opening his even bigger one, the social media fails were bountiful over the last couple of days. We also discussed our pie-in-the-sky, holy grail, dream-come-true items we wished we could own.

School is out. Summer has officially kicked off. Phase 2 for Torontonians has begun. Sit back and enjoy the latest episode of That’s A Rap!

In This Episode:

As positive COVID-19 cases continue rising in Florida, so too do the concerns of NBA fans, players, and staff alike! Having the NBA re-start in a State with looser pandemic safety protocols was always going to be risky. What we’re witnessing is the realization of those fears. As players returned to their respective home markets, initial test results were given, and the outcome was 16 positive tests too many — to be exact, 16 players out of 302 tests. What are your thoughts on the number of positive tests an how do you feel about the NBA’s return now? Has it differed positively, negatively, or the same from when Adam Silver announced it would finish the 2019-20 season?

Players had until June 25 to opt-out of returning to play without being penalized. Only three players chose to sit out — Davis Bertans, Trevor Ariza, and Avery Bradley (Willie Cauley-Stein joined this list after we recorded). However, many teams are relying on July 1st as the unofficial deadline, as that’s when they finalize their respective 17-man rosters.

Evan Fournier took this week’s honours for the “He said whaaaaatt??” award — a truly remarkable feat considering the current social climate. He tweeted his opinion on players opting out. Check the episode to hear my opinion, but feel free to leave yours in the comments.

As players opt out or test positive for COVID-19, teams are allowed an additional roster spot. Some old faces have resurfaced on new teams, including Tyler Johnson, Trey Burke, and Jerian Grant. One name that’s raising eyebrows (again) is JR Smith. Should he sign with the Lakers, he’d join Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, Javale McGee, and Dion Waiters as the latest former headcase to play alongside LeBron James (again).

Jason shifted gears on Dre and I when he asked us for our personal holy grails. If money wasn’t an issue and you could have two items (one sports-related and one non-sports-related), what would they be? Surprisingly, none of us chose anything Raptors-related.

2:10 - Rising numbers = rising concerns

13:15 - Soft deadline

16:20 - Don’t Google Evan Fournier

24:10 - The replacements

31.45 - Holy Grails