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The Raptors are still the champs — and you can buy the t-shirt to prove it

Yes, it’s June 2020 and the Raptors are still the reigning NBA champs. What does that mean for Toronto? It means we’re still celebrating — and here’s a new t-shirt to help.

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In an unprecedented turn of events, we’ve tipped past mid-June and there is no new NBA champion. That means, for the time being, the Toronto Raptors are still the rulers of the league. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

To keep that mood going, there’s only one other thing we can do (besides celebrating responsibly): we can get in on a WE STILL THE CHAMPS t-shirt, thanks to Breaking T. Take a look at the beaut below and put in your order today.

Get your WE STILL THE CHAMPS t-shirt here

(Yes, eventually a new NBA champ will be crowned, but the Raptors are still, well, I think I’ve made my point. Party on.)