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Listen to That’s A Rap #91: Discussing the NBA’s Disney return with Adam Corsair

Can the NBA return if a significant number of players bow out? Who benefits most from the proposed return-to-play format and who gets the short end of the stick? Adam Corsair joins the podcast to discuss — and to make Disney player comps!

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors Photo by Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA is back!

Or is it really?

This past week was filled with interesting events. Myself and Dre could not make this week’s podcast, as we tended to the birthdays of our significant others. Jason brought in an old friend, Adam Corsair from South of the 6ix podcast, to break down the latest NBA news.

While Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, and 77 other NBA players discuss the prospects of returning to organized basketball, there was still plenty to debate around the NBA’s return-to-play format. Enjoy the latest episode of That’s A Rap!

In This Episode:

With each passing day, more details are coming to light on the NBA’s return. Re-seeding games, the “Delete Eight”, roster sizes, health & safety protocol, and so much more. Typically, this would take over the basketball twitterverse. However, the current climate is unlike anything the world has seen. How can one think about basketball — even those that play of a living — when police brutality, racism, and protests are happening throughout the world? Oh, and COVID-19 numbers are still increasing in Orlando!

The idea of a play-in format seems gimmicky. But would it have been fair to jump straight into the playoffs when teams were robbed of an easier end-of-season schedule (i.e. Pelicans)? There’s also greater risk in bringing all 30 teams and increasing the possibility of getting COVID-19. So, how do you bring the NBA back without alienating at least one fan base? You can’t. Nobody was going to be happy with the solution. Even if the season is outright cancelled, many will be disappointed or upset.

For those that are returning, specifically the cream of the crop — Bucks and Lakers — what happened to the home court advantage they worked all season to secure? Will piping in NBA 2K crowd noise help? What about bringing in their home court floor to play on? Yet another concession that’s needed in order to bring back basketball.

What about the bubble itself? The idea of a self-contained environment where everyone is Coronavirus-free sounds ideal. But why are Disney employees not subject to the same protocols as the NBA staff they’re sharing the bubble with? If employees are allowed in and out of the bubble, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the bubble?

The first half of the episode was filled with tough questions and even tougher answers. For the second half, Jason and Adam flipped to the lighter side of the NBA’s Disney return by comparing Disney characters to NBA players. Who do you think is the Simba of today’s NBA? Is there a Timon and Poomba duo more fitting than Steph and Draymond? What about Cinderella, or Genie, or the Beast? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.

3:40 - The NBA is Back?

7:35 - 9th Place

11:05 - Home Court “Advantage”

17:30 - Orlando Bubble

26:30 - You’re Watching the Disney Channel