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Listen to That’s A Rap #87: Measuring Raptors fandom with a game of N.O.R.T.H.

From Aaron Gordon to LaMelo Ball to Nav Bhatia, the latest episode of That’s A Rap is jam-packed with the latest from around the NBA!

Toronto Raptors v Orlando Magic - Game Four Photo by Cassy Athena/Getty Images

Is NBA basketball coming to an arena near you?

After 6+ weeks of isolation and waiting, grumblings out of the NBA indicate a possible return this season. Whether or not you agree with Adam Silver’s timing, can we at least agree that Aaron Gordon’s timing couldn’t be worse?

It’s been another interesting week of news from the Association. Enjoy the latest episode of That’s A Rap, and make sure you play our refreshed look of a classic game!

On This Episode:

It’s difficult to say what’s worse about Gordon’t diss track about Dwyane Wade. Ignore the lyrics for a second (or forever) and consider the timing. The Dunk Contest was 10 weeks ago! It was so long ago, there were still 3+ weeks of live NBA basketball games before the league shut down.

Latest news from the NBA indicates the league is pushing for the season to continue. Practice facilities are being allowed to re-open to its players as early as May 8, in the States (or Provinces) where such gatherings are permitted. This has caused quite a stir throughout the league, specifically around who (players of specific team only), what (solo drills only), and when (too early?). Are you relieved to hear of basketball’s possible return or anxious about the quick timeline?

Great news from the NCAA! They will finally start compensating student athletes * ahem * (via third-party sponsorship). If you started the podcast thinking Aaron Gordon was beating a dead horse, the NCAA essentially sent out a giant “HOLD MY BEER” message to the sporting world. By announcing that student athletes could begin accepting sponsorship dollars, they inadvertently shot themselves in the foot and affirmed that they will continue NOT paying their Trojan horses directly. Ouch!

You’ve heard of BINGO, but have you heard of NORTH? Dre quickly whipped up N.O.R.T.H., but stay tuned to Raptors HQ for the official Raptors Bingo card! Whether you’ve been to Jurassic Park or the Championship parade, bought merchandise at Real Sports or caught a shirt in the crowd, there a multitude of ways you have shown your Raptors fandom. Play along and let us know if you get N.O.R.T.H.

1:00 - 9/10

5:00 - Open for business?

17:45 - Facility Hygiene Officer

22:40 - NCAA: National Cheap-Asses Association

31:00 - N.O.R.T.H.