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Listen to That’s A Rap #86: Reminiscing on the Raptors Fan Patrol with Chris Walder

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work for the Raptors Fan Patrol — or happen to think Kyle Lowry is the Raptors’ version of Stone Cold Steve Austin — then you’ll love what Jason and former Raptors HQ writer, Chris Walder, discussed on the latest episode.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Six Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2019-20 NBA season is in peril (despite the league’s recent lift on practice facilities).

TSN & Sportsnet’s re-airing of the Raptors’ championship run is now over.

We’ve reminisced about some of the greatest Raptors games/events in franchise history.

What’s left to talk about? How about a trip inside Scotiabank Arena for a peek of what’s it like to work on the Raptors Fan Patrol team? On the weekend edition of That’s A Rap, Jason went 1-on-1 with former Raptors HQ writer, Chris Walder, to talk about everything from their time as Raptors employees to Draymond Green’s big mouth to a whole lot of wrestling! Enjoy the latest episode and leave your comments/questions below.

On This Episode:

Long before we started the podcast, Jason and I were members of the Raptors Fan Patrol. The job was exactly as you’d imagine it would be — earning income while watching your favourite team! While the job itself had its many perks, the lasting impression was the camaraderie between every team member. Akin to the current Raptors squad, there was a unique chemistry that bonded everyone and led to a winning culture (When we all worked together in 2010, the Raptors were recognized as one of the top NBA teams in fan experience).

Not everything came easy. The team was not nearly as successful as this era’s version. Getting fans riled up for a lottery team was a more difficult proposition than you can imagine. At least we had the best mascot in the business helping out!

The Raptor could very well just be a living, breathing dinosaur — only because he’s been around forever. His boundless energy still fools people into thinking it’s a different person under the mask than who first donned the costumer in 1995.

What’s not fooling anyone is the fact that the road to the NBA Finals, in the Eastern Conference, runs through Milwaukee... again. Adrian Wojnarowski recently tweeted that NBA practice facilities could open up to certain teams on May 1st. The sliver (Silver?) of hope for the 2019-20 season remains, but the anxiety over when basketball should resume still remains.

With no games being played and everyone just waiting, basketball players have nothing left to do but talk. Draymond Green did some talking recently. He downplayed the Raptors title (shocking, I know), claiming that, had Kevin Durant been healthy, the Warriors would have three-peated. A classy statement from someone who a) also previously stated that Golden State were doing just fine without KD, and b) played for a Warriors squad that had their own injury-luck championship.

If Green were to start thinking about his post-NBA career, might I suggest professional wrestling? According to at least one unfortunate State, Wrestling has been deemed an essential service. Insert all the shrug and face-covering emojis! Is it any surprise that Vince McMahon was one of the league owners invited to help President Trump bring sports back?

Get your Google fingers ready because Jason and Chris went deep into Wrestling / Raptors comparisons! Who are the Wrestling stars you feel have Raptor equivalents? Flip it around and think about who is the wrestling equivalents for Kyle Lowry, Fred VanVleet, OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Marc Gasol?

2:50 - Way Back PlayBack (Fan Patrol)

11:10 - The Raptor’s Mascot’s real name is...

17:15 - Defending Champs?

22:50 - Draymond being Draymond

30:15 - Heat of the moment

39:30 - Essential Wrestling?

53:00 - Stone Cold Lowry