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Homage unveils new NBA Jam products and sale today

We’ve got your first look at a tasty pair of new NBA Jam products — and a special opportunity set for today. Get in on it here!

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After months of research and development, we couldn’t be more excited to reveal our latest innovation that brings basketball right to your kitchen. The dynamic duo you’ve been waiting for, Razzle Dazzle Razberry and Boomberryshakalaka, possess a league leading flavour profile that fast breaks straight to your taste buds. Featuring championship caliber ingredients, our newest collection of NBA Jams ensure that breakfast will never be the same again!

To celebrate the big announcement, we’ll be doing $26 NBA Jam... tees today! Get yours here!

Or, if you want to get in on the specific Raptors t-shirt right from the jump, click the link below:

Get your VC/T-Mac NBA Jam shirt here

Note: the jam is not real, but the shirts very much are. Stay safe everybody!