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Get your VC/T-Mac NBA Jam t-shirt here — and check out the whole Toronto collection!

We’re looking for anything to keep us going in these troubling times — and this vintage NBA Jam shirt featuring Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady is doing just that. Order yours today!

The NBA may be suspended at the moment, but we can still celebrate the good times of basketball history here in Toronto. To that effect, with the help of Homage, we’re rolling out a new NBA Jam inspired t-shirt to celebrate both the retro Raptors — and the legacy of the greatest Toronto team that never quite was.

It’s the Vince Carter-Tracy McGrady team-up!

Get your VC/T-Mac NBA Jam shirt here

And when you’re done that, take a look at the entire Toronto Collection — featuring more NBA Jam-inspired content and a Spicy P look.

Browse the Toronto Collection at Homage here