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What About Scarves?: The T-Shirt and Hoodie — now available for purchase!

We’ve all seen the meme by now, with everyone getting involved in Serge Ibaka’s quest to do art through fashion — and OG Anunoby’s desire to troll him. Now you to can get in on the latest delightful Raptors-related joke.

Thanks to BreakingT, we here at Raptors HQ are proud to present the latest addition to Toronto’s t-shirt (and hoodie) collection: What About Scarves? Now, there’s some question as to whether the appropriate spelling here should be “scarfs” but that’s neither here nor there. What you do need to know is where to get this shirt or hoodie. For that look no further than the following link:

Get Your “What About Scarves?” T-Shirt and Hoodie Here

If you’re still confused about what the hell we’re talking about here, I offer some additional context.

Serge Ibaka of the Raptors has an internet program — his second, following How Hungry Are You? — called Avec Classe. It’s about fashion, in case you didn’t guess. On said program, he brings in Raptors to hassle them about their clothing choices. On the latest episode, Ibaka had his young teammate OG Anunoby on. Now, OG has his own tastes, which makes for a lively debate as to who indeed is the more fashionable man of the pair. (Also, Anunoby absolutely loves to troll Serge — and pretty much everybody else.) It all builds to the seminal scarves/scarfs moment, which this shirt and hoodie on offer seek to commemorate.

In any case, you can watch the whole episode here: