2006 Draft- Lowry over Everything!!!!

Okay, so the more time goes on, the more apparent that Lowry should have been drafted 1st overall in the 2006 (terrible) draft. Now many sites that do redrafts will point to Lamarcus Aldridges Win Shares at 111.5 vs Lowry's 91.9. The problem is that Aldridge has played over 6000 minutes more than Lowry and when you factor that in, Lowry narrowly edges (or worse case ties) Aldridge. When you also factor in BPM and Vorp, Lowry is clearly the favourite.

A funny thing about the 2006 draft. Toronto has had 9 players from that draft play for them.

Andrea Bargnani (1)

Rudy Gay(8)

Patrick O'Bryant(9)

Quincy Douby(19)

Kyle Lowry(24)

Steve Novak(32)

PJ Tucker (35) twice

Hassan Adams (51) once too many

Pops Mensah-Bonsu (undrafted)

That seems crasy to me.