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That’s A Rap #122: Remembering the best Raptors moments of 2020

This year may have felt like the hardest to endure, but it managed to provide some memorable moments for the Raptors. The boys reminisce about their favourites before flipping the calendar to 2021.

69th NBA All-Star Game Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve survived 2020!

The Raptors started the year with not-so-far-fetched dreams of repeating as champions. They end the year playing in Tampa(?) with hopes of getting their first(??) win of the season against the Tom Thibodeau-led New York Knicks(?!?!?).

Things aren’t all gloom and doom in Raptorland though (depending on how you feel about James Harden). The year did provide some unforgettable moments. While you listen to the latest episode of That’s A Rap, make sure to leave your favourite 2020 moments in the comments. But, most importantly, have a Happy New Year. 2021 couldn’t come sooner!

In This Episode:

3:30 — That’s A (W)Rap on an incredible streak

For the first time in Nick Nurse’s coaching tenure with Toronto, the Raptors will finish a month with a sub .500 record. How much of the 0-3 start is about the team learning to play without Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka? How much of it is needing more from Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet? How much of it is needing anything at all from Norm Powell? Or will we all look back on this start and chuckle at ever having any doubts?

12:10 — That’s A (W)Rap on Harden!

Slow starts often lead fan bases to look elsewhere for help. Once Giannis signed his extension, whispers have gotten louder about Harden and his fit in Toronto. Where do you sit with the Harden-to-Toronto rumours? Do his off-court shenanigans or the loss of Lowry or Siakam scare you from wanting to pull off a deal? Or does the prospect of a Top-5 player — this time with multiple years under contract — plus cap space next off-season give you that tingly championship feeling of 2019?

20:10 — That’s A (W)Rap on losing?

The good news for Raptors fans is that, despite the 0-3 start, all of their East rivals have suffered similarly bad losses: Nets to the Hornets & Grizzlies, Bucks to the Knicks (by 20!), Sixers to the Cavs (by 24!!), Heat to the Bucks (by 47!!!). With New York, New Orleans, and a Boston team without Kemba Walker on-deck, could the Raptors quickly even up their season record? Or does 2020 still have one final Big Apple-sized surprise?

30:30 — That’s A (W)Rap on 2020

We put a bow on 2020 but reminiscing on our favourite moments of the past 12 months. There were so many that happened on and off the court. Honourable mention goes to these moments that did not make it into the episode: the Indiana comeback, the Stanley Johnson game, being the only team to sweep the Lakers with both LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the lineup, and, finally, “I do art.”