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Raptors unveil three new jerseys for 2021 season

Will there be NBA basketball in 2021? Probably. Will the Toronto Raptors be wearing new jerseys? Definitely!

Toronto Raptors unveil three new jerseys for 2021 season Toronto Raptors

A rainy Thursday morning brought a nice surprise from the Toronto Raptors: The reveal of new-look jerseys for the 2021 NBA season!

Here’s a closer look at the “Icon” edition:

Toronto Raptors Icon edition jersey Toronto Raptors

And the “Association” edition:

Toronto Raptors Association edition jersey Toronto Raptors

And here’s our guy OG Anunoby modelling the “Statement” edition:

Toronto Raptors Statement edition jersey Toronto Raptors

Now, if you look closely at the image at the top, you’ll see there are two other jerseys hidden in the shadows, worn by Terence Davis on the right and Norman Powell on the left. There’s a hint of purple light on Davis, and of gold on Powell, a clear hint of what those jerseys might be. The Raptors say they’ll be revealed “closer to the start of the upcoming season,” which will be, uh... well, let’s just say we’ll “wait and see” on those reveals for now.

But as to the ones revealed today, some quick thoughts:

  • The red-on-white Association edition looks great. The red chevron pops nicely, on the shorts too, and “Raptors” stands out proudly.
  • I can’t say the same for the Icon edition. It looks fine, but the red text on the black stripe just doesn’t stand out; the lettering should have been white, in my opinion. I find this one looks kinda dull.
  • The Statement edition, well, it kinda rocks, doesn’t it? With a full slate of black behind it, the red letters do stand out nicely, and they’re perfectly offset by the red jersey number. There’s a thick red stripe down the side that frames the front nicely, and take a closer look at the detail, courtesy Sean and Dan:

I’ll go out on a limb and say that one will be the most popular of three revealed today!

One thing about these jerseys that does really bother me, though: None of them say “Toronto” on them. I suppose this may be my own civic pride standing out, but what happened to “believe in this city, believe in yourselves”? Where’s the pride in being the only team outside of the United States? Not a fan of that direction, at all.

Otherwise, though, the Raptors will be looking good in 2021.

For more, including a statement from Masai Ujiri, check out the official announcement here. You can buy ‘em now at the usual spots, but note that the Statement edition isn’t available just yet.

What do you think? Do the new jerseys measure up? Will you buy buying one for yourself?