Serge Ibaka Trade Bait Extraordinaire part 2

Okay, so now that we are in trade season its time to look at what Ibaka is worth. Currently, Ibaka is probably the only piece that can be traded without killing the team and still bring back anything of value.

Rules - Trades have to benefit the receiving team even if its just financially and Toronto has to find a way to replace at least some of Ibakas minutes.

Charlotte - Receives Serge Ibaka and Stanley Johnson

Toronto - Receives Cody Zeller, Michael Kidd Gilchrist and 2020 2nd round pick

Zeller is the perfect back up Center while Kidd Gilchrist is an improvement over Johnson and that is about it. The second round pick might be a dream but Ibaka's 23 million expiring is worth something. In fact, having the cap space allows Charlotte to take a bad contract and pick in the Summer and that is worth a 2nd rounder now.

Toronto - Kevin Love

Cleveland - Serge Ibaka, Stanley Johnson, 2020 1st round pick

The downside of this trade is the extra years of Love's contract. The upside is the 3 pt shooting and rebounding (the latter being a problem for Toronto) that they get for Love.

Toronto - Tristan Thompson, John Henson

Cleveland - Ibaka, Johnson, 2 2nd round picks

An alternate to the first trade.

Toronto - Andre Drummond, Markief Morris

Detroit - Serge Ibaka, Malcolm Miller and Johnson, 2020 1st round pick.

Drummond shores up Torontos center position for next year but I am not as big on him in the new NBA. He is not an improvement on Gasol and you kind of have to start him which will make for an awkward fit. Still, its a trade

Toronto - Myles Turner, Doug McDermott

Indiana - Serge Ibaka, 2020 1st Round pick and future 2nd round pick

Turner would be a much better get than Drummond. His contract is a little more team friendly albeit for more years and if Gasol leaves next year, he can plug into the starting center spot nicely. Indiana would be moving on from their crowded front court and getting some cap relief and a pick. This one was tough though cause I am sure Indiana thinks it can get more for Myles than this but who knows.

This one is my favourite

Toronto - Justice Winslow, Myers Leonard, Vince Carter, Toronto's future 2nd round pick, 2020 1st Round pick

Miami - Serge Ibaka

Atlanta - Stanley Johnson, Toronto's 2020 2nd Round pick

Toronto ends up with no picks in this draft but Winslow and Myers Leonard's bird rights now. Miami gets a pick and a better starting option at center now while Atlanta gets a 2nd round pick for a retiring player they are probably going to buy out (also, -17 wins for Stanley is just awesome).

Toronto - Marcus Morris, Taj Gibson

NY - Serge Ibaka. 2020 2nd rounder

NY moves Gibson's future cap hit for a 2nd rounder. Morris makes the deal work.

Toronto - Ian Mahinmi, Davis Bertans

Washington - Serge Ibaka

Washington is reportedly not interested in trading Bertans so Ish Smith could be substituted in the deal.

Toronto - Clint Capela, Tyson Chandler and Nene

Houston - Serge Ibaka Toronto 2020 2nd Round pick

There are rumours that Houston is looking to move on from Capela and this deal works for both teams. I am not sure Ibaka is really an improvement over Clint (especially to a team who are so advanced metric oriented) but maybe Houston can see a value in having Ibaka who can and will shoot 3s. Toronto would probably have to cut Malcolm Miller and Stanley Johnson to make this trade work but they can also probably move either Nene or Chandler in separate deals to bring back similar wings. Actually, this trade almost makes too much sense so there is no chance it happens.

Toronto - Andre Iguodala, Bruno Coboclo

Memphi - Serge Ibaka, Toronto's 2020 2nd Rounder, Future 2nd rounder