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Listen to That’s A Rap #48: Reviewing the new faces on the Raptors

The boys are back! In this season’s first episode, the That’s A Rap crew talk about free throws, tampering, and a trio of new faces.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back!

After a month-long hiatus that included a honeymoon in Japan (for Jay, our producer), a TIFF retreat (for Dre), and some good ol’ family time (for me, other Jay), we’re all back to bring you the latest and greatest news about your defending champions, Toronto Raptors!

Raptors Media Day is now in the books which means the 2019-20 season has officially begun. Have a listen here:

On This Week’s Episode:

The NBA G-League is bringing out its inner Oprah and giving out ‘free’ throws to everyone. In an effort to reduce game time, only one free throw will be taken to account for all the free throws in a given trip. For example, for a two-shot foul, the free throw (if made) will count as two made free throws. A miss will count as two missed free throws. Do you like this rule? Should the NBA consider instituting something similar?

Have you ever noticed that you drive slower when you know the police are doing their routine speed trap checks? Kind of an odd comparison, but this is basically what the NBA is currently employing with its “new” anti-tampering rules. Yes, the NBA can fine a player/team if there is evidence of tampering. Yes, the NBA can take draft picks from a team that’s guilty of tampering. But Adam Silver already had that power! Outside of the addition of random audits for 5 unlucky teams, all the NBA is doing is reminding everyone about tampering repercussions and notifying us all that they’re going to be more diligent in enforcing. Watch your speed, NBA GMs.

Milwaukee Bucks GM, Jon Horst, is the first victim of anti-tampering enforcement. He was just charged $50K for openly discussing Giannis Antetokounmpo’s future contract status. Horst won’t be the last one who’ll be fined. It’ll be interesting to see who gets made an example of if/when more tampering is uncovered.

Marc Stein recently reported that NBA teams will now be required to supply accurate ages and heights of its players. Should we care that Serge Ibaka is probably 53? Or that the two point guards that led us to a championship are under 6 feet?

The second half of the pod was interesting as we delve a little deeper into the three of the team’s newest additions — Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Stanley Johnson, and Matt Thomas. Each player took interesting paths to get here and each has been given a great opportunity to prove doubters wrong.

2:30 - Tea spillage

3:15 - Putting the ‘free’ in free throws

11:05 - Control your tamper-ment

20:40 - Caught Ya!!

26:05 - A tall order

30:35 - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

41:20 - Stanley Johnson

50:40 - Matt Thomas