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Listen to That’s A Rap #47: All-Time Raptors Fantasy Draft

What if there was a draft of every Raptor — but encompassing that player’s entire career, not just their time with the Toronto?

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy drafts are exactly what they’re supposed to be... fantasy! So, to fill the void of actual basketball with NBA players (I’m looking at you, FIBA World Cup), we turn to fantasy basketball. Whether it’s in the form of rankings, Yahoo mock drafts, or 3-on-3, NBA off-season is when we put on our GM hats and start creating hypothetical teams.

If we’re constructing our own alternate realities with these teams, why can’t we also influence the circumstances of the players involved? From participating in our All-Time Raptors fantasy draft, we made one very important distinction: the player’s entire playing career can be used, not just their time with Toronto.

This changed the landscape of our draft and led to some interesting teams. Enjoy the latest episode of That’s A Rap!

On This Week’s Episode:

Since we’re opening up the evaluations to include the player’s career, does that mean Kawhi Leonard is no longer the consensus first overall pick? Is he better than all of the Hall-of-Famers who have donned a Raptors uniform?

Does playing style affect team construction? A modern team of 3-and-D players would probably mean Kawhi, Tracy McGrady, and Doug Christie are higher on your list. If pace is your style, Pascal Siakam, Leandro Barbosa, and Keon Clark are probably in your hypothetical queue.

The franchise has had a larger-than-expected list of Hall-of-Famers, All-NBA superstars, and All-Stars. Drafting a formidable lineup of stars with varying playing styles, spanning different eras, was challenging but, ultimately, very entertaining!

Mr. Big Shot, Brazilian Blur, The Matrix, The Big O, The Dream, Skip To My Lou - the Raptors have been spoiled with the best nicknames in the NBA.

After you’ve listened, let us know which team you think is the best. The guy who drafted Kawhi? The one who picked Kyle? Or whoever chose VC?

2:45 - The Lightbulb

5:00 - It’s Pronounced LOW-HOSS

8:15 - Draft Lottery/Dice-Roll

9:00 - “With the first overall pick...”

9:30 - Dreamy Selection

12:20 - A Different Kind of Spice

23:15 - Still Too Early for Gary Trent?

25:30 - The Original Boogie

33:10 - Drafting on Potential

36:10 - How Hungry is Dre?

40:40 - When is He Out of Jail???

44:00 - Team Summaries