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Danny Green to express love for Canada in documentary form

Honorary Canadian and now ex-Raptor Danny Green chronicled his one season in the north — and will show it to us next month

Former Toronto Raptor Danny Green to debut documentary film on TSN Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Danny Green is no longer a Toronto Raptor, but judging by how much time Green has spent in Canada this summer, you’d never know it.

Seems Green really took a shine to Canada during his lone Raptors season, so much so that he recorded much of his experience on video — and he’s compiled it into a documentary that will air on TSN next month.

Green announced the project, entitled “Beyond the Arc,” on social media today. You can see the trailer on Twitter:

On Instagram, Green said he made it a priority to explore Canada this summer — explaining why he’s still here, from running basketball camps in Winnipeg and hanging out with Russell Peters in Brampton. “This summer was my time to get to know a country that showed me so much love,” he said.

The trailer hints at cameos from his Raptors teammates and well-known Canadians — from George St. Pierre to Justin Trudeau.

You can catch the doc on TSN on September 9th, and follow Beyond the Arc on Twitter for updates.

Green signed a two-year, $30-million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for 2019-20, but the love he’s shown Canada will keep him in Raptor fans’ hearts for a long time.

Will that love open the eyes of future free agents to how great our country is? Time will tell! Surely, the experiences of veteran players like Green and Kawhi Leonard, and the way in which Masai Ujiri and his team have run the Raptors, has placed Toronto in a very flattering light. Hopefully the days of “having to learn the metric system” and “the bad cable” are behind us!

In the meantime, be sure to tune in to TSN on the 9th to see more of Green’s Canadian experience.