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Report: Raptors to re-sign Patrick McCaw to two-year deal

The Raptors are locking up every defensive-minded wing they can, and this latest news fits right in. According to a report, Patrick McCaw will return to Toronto.

Philadelphia 76ers v Toronto Raptors - Game Two Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

As per a report from the Athletic’s Blake Murphy, the Raptors are set to re-sign forward Patrick McCaw to a two-year deal. At this time, no more details are available as to the money figure involved or the options (if any) on the second year, but the signing fits in with what Toronto has been doing in the wake of Kawhi Leonard’s departure.

(We’ll update this post as the information becomes available — and we’ll wait to see of Woj or Shams storm in to take the credit for breaking the news. [Update: see below!])

McCaw, who will head into his fourth NBA season at 24 years of age (he’s 23 now), hasn’t done a ton to distinguish himself as a player just yet. Yes, he’s played in three consecutive NBA Finals, winning titles each time, but he’s averaging just 3.7 points, 1.7 rebounds, and 1.0 assists, while shooting 42 percent from the field and 30 percent from three, in 15.5 minutes per game for his career. These are not numbers that jump off the page.

Still, as the 38th pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the 6’7”, 185 pound McCaw has shown a nose for perimeter defense. It’s why the Raptors were interested in bringing him in last year, and why they continue to have a spot for him on next season’s team. In that sense, the signing fits in with the other recent pick-ups by the Raptors, namely Stanley Johnson and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. All three offer all kinds of defensive versatility despite being offensively challenged. (Again, to be clear, the combination of all three still doesn’t replace losing Kawhi, but Toronto’s overall plan continues to be a sound one.)

What’s more, it’s clear the Raptors have a new vision in place. The theme so far for all their signings this off-season has been to maintain flexibility for the summer of 2020, and especially for 2021 when all kinds of franchise-level free agents are available to sign. Both Stanley Johnson and Terence Davis have been signed on two-year deals, while Hollis-Jefferson will look to rehab his free agent value on a one-year contract. (Only sharpshooter Matt Thomas avoided this fate; but when you put in 99 percent of your unguarded 3s, you can call your own shot apparently. [Update: see below!])

On the court, McCaw, along with those aforementioned recent forward signings, plus OG Anunoby, give Toronto all kinds of options on defense at a reasonable price. Now they just have to figure out which of these players can develop any sort of reliable offensive game.


So according to Murphy again, the Raptors got McCaw back in the fold for two years at $8 million. And on top of that, to fit in the theme I was describing above, the third year of Thomas’ deal is non-guaranteed, which means they can cut him loose in 2021 should the need arise.

The details of the salary situation are here: