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Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors: Preview, start time, and more

Yes, you’re reading those team names right. Fresh off of their defeat in the 2019 NBA Finals, the Raptors and the Warriors are set to take each other on... in the Las Vegas NBA Summer League.

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 2

It’s been just a few weeks, but we’re already back watching the Raptors play the Warriors. Yes, after besting Golden State for the 2019 NBA championship, Toronto has returned to Las Vegas to kick-off their Summer League tournament with a rematch against their old foe. Are these two teams even remotely the same as the ones we watched fight it out in June? Definitely not. Are the stakes the same? Absolutely not. Does that matter? Ehhhhh, maybe just cover your eyes and ears and forget the rest of today’s news.

Toronto enters the league’s annual Las Vegas tournament — now bigger than ever — with a squad of known quantities (insofar as that’s possible to say) and a whole host of unknowns. In that first category are our friends from the Raptors 905, who also moonlighted on the main squad: Jordan Loyd, Malcolm Miller, and Chris Boucher. (There’s also Duane Notice, who we’re putting in the starting lineup below if only because of his existing familiarity with Toronto’s system.)

The latter group includes everyone else on the roster (for a refresher, see here). First and foremost among them is, of course, the Raptors’ 59th pick, 6’11” forward/centre Dewan Hernandez. What do we know about him so far? Please allow the Sun’s Ryan Wolstat to provide a bit of reporting:

As it stands, coach Jon Goodwillie’s job will be to mesh these two different but similar groups of players together. Some are a little further along their development curve than others, some have perhaps more upside, but all will be competing to show they belong not only in the tournament, but in the NBA.

For HQ, we’ve got our very own Sully Akbari on the ground in Las Vegas. Follow him on Twitter to get whatever live coverage and reporting he’s able to provide while there.

Then let’s get to some game details. It’s time to get ourselves prepared to watch some Raptors basketball once again.

Where to Watch:

12:00am EST (midnight!) on ESPN


Raptors - Jordan Loyd, Malcolm Miller, Chris Boucher, Dewan Hernandez, Corey Walden

Warriors - For details, check out Golden State of Mind


Raptors - Sogaba Konate (knee - out), Jamaal Franklin (foot - out)

Warriors - For details, check out Golden State of Mind