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Raptors Championship Parade Open Thread

With their win on Thursday night, Toronto is in for the biggest sports-related celebration they’ve seen in some 25 years. The Raptors... are the 2019 NBA champions.

The Toronto Raptors Head To Wynn Las Vegas To Celebrate NBA Championship Win At XS Nightclub With Drake And The Chainsmokers Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas

Here we go: the Raptors championship parade is set to kick off at 10am today. As we mentioned here, the route is set for Exhibition Place, along Lakeshore, up York and University before coming to a rest at Nathan Phillips Square at 12:30 for a celebration.

We’ll try to update this thread as much as possible throughout the morning/day. For now, take in some of the early (early) scenes from the Square. It’s all happening!

6:00 am:

That’s the sun coming up.


And here come the people, ready to rise up.


Friend of the site calls it: the scene is officially LIT. Now it’s time for me to leave my house and try to see if I can carve out a little space to enjoy the show. Have fun everyone!


We are live on the scene. And the scene.... is crowded.


Our guy Woodley reports in from the parade route:


Raptors fans bringing championship signs to this parade.


Sometimes being literal is best.


Herbie Kuhn, a whole damn mood.


Nathan Phillips Square is at capacity. The Raptors are about a half hour out. The scenes from the air are absolutely unreal.


The buses being late has given some ample “get lit” time.


First update in a long while: the players have arrived at Nathan Phillips Square. Masai Ujiri looked off Doug Ford. The stage stuff is about to begin. Let’s get it.

(Side note: We’ll leave the reporting on the criminal incident to actual news organizations. Suffice it to say, happy to hear that no one was killed. Not the kind of note you’d want to add to this kind of celebration, and it’s unfortunate it happened. Hopefully no one else was seriously hurt in the aftermath. Stay safe out there everyone.)


Kawhi gets the absolute last last last laugh.