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Watch: The Raptors, and fans across Canada, celebrate their NBA Championship

When the buzzer sounded in Oakland, all of Canada turned into party central

NBA Finals 2019: The Toronto Raptors and fans across Canada celebrate Toronto’s NBA Championship Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors: 2019 NBA Champions.

How awesome does that look, sound and feel!?

Last night all of Canada, and Raptors fans around the world, celebrated Toronto’s first NBA title, and Canada’s first title in one of the four so-called major North American sports, in more than a quarter-century.

There are way, way too many moments and videos to fully capture the awesomeness of the night, but here are just a few of our favourite scenes from Oracle Arena and Toronto and any other dang place they love the Raptors.

First, let’s check in on these two guys who made an unlikely pairing work, and are bringing the Larry O’Brien Trophy home to Toronto:

This little moment before their interview with Rachel Nichols is pure gold:

Oh, and who could forget Kyle Lowry, Star Reporter:

We also had Nick Nurse, Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol, Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam at the podium.

Wait, though, let me back up. Champagne!

Never change, Serge Ibaka. Never change.

Meanwhile, in Toronto:

Did Drake get in on the festivities? You know he did.

As did RaptorsHQ head honcho Daniel Reynolds, who took the RaptorsHQ Twitter account for a stroll around town:

And finally! Last night I teared up a little when Kyle Lowry spoke, post-game. This morning, when I watched Bruce Arthur’s video essay, it all came out. I was a blubbering mess by the end of this:

What were your favourite memories of last night? Who did you watch with, and where, and how did you celebrate? Let us know in the comments!